KBShimmer Swatches and Review

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I've got a couple of KBShimmer swatches for you today. They are definitely a standout brand in the indie community and the quality is unsurpassed. 

Chilly Pepper is a nice red creme. This is 2 coats and applied smooth as velvet! I love this formula.

Breaking Blues is a purple leaning blue creme. Again with the perfect formula!

You can purchase KBShimmer's polishes as well as a wide array of bath and body products at kbshimmer.com.

What are some of your favorites from KBShimmer?

*Polish sent for review in exchange for my honest opinions.
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Zoya Flair Collection Swatches and Review

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As promised here is the other half of Zoya's fall collection, Flair, which perfectly encompasses the jewel tones we all love for the season. The neat thing about these polishes is that each one was made with micro-ground metallic pigment to have the effect of molten metal. You tell me if you think it's true after looking at the swatches!

The formula for these was easy to apply. I did 3 coats on most all swatches but it didn't seem like a chore to build the color up.

First, Aggie, a bronze with a green flash to it. Very cool shade.

Tris is a gunmetal with silver shimmer throughout. Looove this one!

Cinnamon is a bronzy brown.

Ember is a super bright, warm red. So pretty.

Glada is a deep, royal purple.

And finally, Estelle,  a deep but bright sapphire blue. This one glows!

I would totally recommend these amazing, fall appropriate shades. 

These are currently available for purchase on zoya.com. Zoya currently has a polish exchange promo going on until Sept. 12 where you can get 50% off your order! Perfect time to stock up on this new fall collection. Get more details on that *here*.

*Product sent for review in exchange for my honest opinions.
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Zoya Focus Collection Swatches and Review

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It's crazy to think that fall is almost upon us! Summer feels like it just started!

To warm you up to the idea, here's a look at the creme selection from Zoya's fall collection, Focus. I'll have the other half (Flair) up here soon! The formula for these is perfection. Zoya knows how to do it right! All my swatches are two coats.

Charli is a dusty army green with a taupe twist. 

Desiree is a classic dark brown.

Hannah is a perfect bright red.

Janel is a deeper red shade.

Lidia is a dark, deep purple. Love this shade for the fall season!

And finally, Sia, a mid tone blue cream. I really love this shade also!

These are so perfect to complement any fall look and like I mentioned before, the Zoya creme formula is perfect.

These are currently available for purchase on zoya.com. Zoya currently has a polish exchange promo going on until Sept. 12 where you can get 50% off your order! Perfect time to stock up on this new fall collection. Get more details on that *here*.

*Product sent for review in exchange for my honest opinions.

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Sally Hansen Miracle Gel New Release Swatches and New Volumizing Topcoat

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Hey everyone!

Sally Hansen has recently released a new version of their Miracle Gel topcoat. It claims to add twice the volume and shine to your completed manicure. Kind of sounds like a hair commercial! ha...I do feel like this topcoat does deliver on the claims. I wore one of these polishes for about 4 days and the shine factor was definitely noticeable.

So Sally Hansen also released a couple of new collections in the Miracle Gel line and I have 5 of those to share with you today!

First up, is Totem-ly Yours. A light tan/nude. This is 2 coats.

Rhythm and Blue is a sky blue with a slightly periwinkle twist. 2 coats.

Tribal Sun is a bright coral-y orange. 2 coats.

Miss Wanderlust is a coral with copper and silver glitters. This is 3 coats.

And finally, Boho a-Go-Go, a deep eggplant. 2 coats. This is the one I wore for a few days and it was a surprise favorite! Dark but not too dark and the shine and depth from the topcoat really did this shade justice.

  Just from general reading online about the Miracle Gel line, it seems like getting a gel-like longevity from this system varies from person to person. But I do feel that appearance of a finished Miracle Gel mani is similar to that of an actual gel mani, especially with the new topcoat.

Gel factors aside, my experience with the formula of the gel polishes has left me super impressed. So if you're just looking for an awesome quality nail polish at the drugstore, I would definitely recommend the Miracle Gel line, which happens to be pretty extensive.

You should be able to find these along with other new shades now anywhere Sally Hansen is sold for around $9.99.

*Product sent for review in exchange for my honest opinions.

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SinfulColors A Class Act Collection Swatches and Review

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SinfulColors is back this fall with a back to school collection! There is something for everyone in this extensive collection with different finishes in a whole array of shades.

I have 9 shades to share with you from this 27 polish collection. I was originally sent 10 but one was a duplicate. Some of these are new shades and others are from the core collection.

Casablanca is a silver frosty metallic. If not for the visible brushstrokes, this would be a true metallic. It dries quickly and only took 2 coats.

Ice Dream is a blue and silver glitter topper. I layered one coat over Casablanca. This one would be a pretty winter polish.

Glass Pink is also a part of the core collection and happens to be one of the first SinfulColors polishes I owned. I did 4 coats for my swatch below but this also can go over just about any other polish in 1 coat and add a beautiful dimensional shimmer.

Pink Break is a demi matte finish, light dusty pink. I waited for a while to make sure this was dried down to the intended finish but it still looks pretty shiny to me. The texture does look a bit rubbery to me though. The formula was nice and smooth, easy to apply.

Over Pink Break, I layered one coat of Sinful Sunrise. This is a sheer topper with iridescent shards and glitters. The shards weren't as obnoxious as other shard polishes I have tried. They lay flat against the nail which I appreciated.

Next up, another demi matte finish polish in a bright lavender shade, Truth or Lavendare. As opposed to Pink Break, this one dried to a more obvious demi matte finish. Easy formula to work with as well.

Over Truth or Lavendare, another iridescent glitter topper in a sheer purple base, Night Owl. Even though the base looks purple, I bet you could layer this over any color and it wouldn't change the shade.

24/7...back in the day this was my very first SinfulColors polish! But the thing that makes me sad is that back then 24/7 was the perfect bright neon pink which was why I gravitated to it. Now, 24/7 is a run of the mill medium pink shade. The formula is pretty great though, so that's good.

And finally, we have one more iridescent glitter topper, Late Night Haute.  I layered this over Zoya Cecelia.

And that's all I've got! It's hard to go wrong with SinfulColors. Most all colors have a great formula and there is a wide range of shades and finishes at an amazing price. This collection should be popping up in Walgreens stores now and will retail for $1.99.

Are you going to be picking up any from the A Class Act collection?

Twitter: @SinfulColors_NP
Facebook:  Sinfulcolors Professional

*Product sent for review in exchange for my honest opinions.
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YSL Touche Eclat Blur Primer and Blur Perfector Review

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YSL has recently released 2 new products to their Touche Eclat line. The Blur Primer and Blur Perfector. Let's take a look!

The Blur Perfector has 3 uses. It can be used alone to give a subtle smoothing effect,  dabbed over makeup as a finisher, or used as touch up throughout the day. This seems to be a solidified silicone type primer in a compact (which is super chic btw). The difference is that is has a powder finish that makes it a good mattifier during the day. The main way I use this is under makeup. However, it's great alone for days when you don't feel like doing much to your face.

The Blur Primer is a silicone based primer that's got a golden shimmer suspended in it. It looks so pretty in the bottle! This is a sample size, but if you purchase this you will get a pump instead of the spatula on the lid. This is a very moisturizing primer because it is formulated with 4 oils. It does help boost dewiness as well. My skin is pretty oily so I can't say it's a holy grail status for me but since it's summer I have been embracing my naturally dewy skin and using this doesn't make my skin over the top oily. I do think it could blur pores better but it still preps skin really well for makeup.

What do you think of these new YSL products? Does anything strike your fancy?

*Products were sent complimentary  by Influenster for my honest opinions.
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Sally Hansen Insta-Ombre Review and Swatches

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I think it's safe to say ombre is the trend of the decade. From hair to home decor, you can find it anywhere! Sally Hansen just released a line of polishes to help you achieve the ombre look on your nails. I really love the look of a glitter gradient on nails and it's a go to look for me, so I was excited to give these a try! The bottle says to apply one coat to the full nail, wait a minute and apply a second coat starting at the middle of the nail, wait a minute and apply a third coat to just the tips. 

Let's take a look at the 4 I have to show you and I'll give you my thoughts at the end of this post.

Gold Grade is a fine yellow gold and silver mix.

Copper Cap is fine copper and silver glitter.

Layer on Lilac is purple and silver glitter.

Grey-diant is charcoal and silver glitter.

My thoughts: I really like the subtle and delicate look these give to bare nails. I find that it took some extra dabbing here and there to get an obvious gradient look. I also didn't bring the first coat all the way down the nail because I feel like that contributes to the overall gradient look better. These polishes can easily be layered over another color for a different look. I will be posting that on my Instagram (mynailgraffiti) soon. The formula was very thin and easy to work with, especially for a glitter.

The only complaint I have is that it can be hard to get a true gradient look with just the one size of glitter in this bottle. I think these would have been even better if it came with a second bottle of slightly larger glitters to use at the tip to mid point. But that said, I feel like it's harder to find bottles of superfine glitters (as opposed to larger glitters) like these to use in a gradient look so they are very helpful to use in achieving it.

This collection is limited edition and retails for around $6/bottle.

Have you picked up any of these yet?

*Product sent for review in exchange for my honest opinion.
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