First Attempt at Nail Foils...

...ok so this is really our second attempt, but the first was a pretty much a total fail that would make a mockery of what my blog is trying to accomplish. :P Dustin found DollarNailArt.com is where we got these foils. There is a 25 dollar minimum purchase but you can get a lot for that price considering everything is a dollar! The foils definitely a learning curve...luckily my talented hubby mastered it pretty quick. I thought these turned out well for only a second try! This is the passion pink foil  before the Konad stamping:

I don't put too much thought and work into deciding what to stamp because the foils don't last longer than a few days. I noticed that they stay a lot longer on toes though. 

                                                  Konad White special polish and plate M61
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