China Glaze OMG

Hey everyone! I'm excited about today's post because this is the first time I used OMG, which Dustin got me for my birthday. I know, I know WHY wouldn't I make something like this top priority!? It goes without saying, this polish is freakin amazing. As Karen from Karen's Nail Blog says: "This polish is holo- licious!" : )

Another huge plus for me is the drying time for the OMG collection. For being a mom with a baby, this polish gives a fast, fun manicure and I don't have to worry about them getting messed up! And I don't have to find a big window of time...I did these while she was in the bath! haha

This is how we jazzed it up:

What we used: New Bundle Monster plate 224 , Zoya Pippa and Ali, Konad Black

I thought this looked like a mix of futuristic and retro all in one!

Also, I created a Facebook page for my blog. There's not much going on with it because it's brand new, but you guys can fix that by liking the page HERE! :)
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Multicolor Scotch Tape Manicure

Hi polish lovers! I hope everyone is having a great Friday...it has been snowy and cold today where I live and it's almost May! Pathetic! haha

Anyway...here is the design Dustin came up with recently: 

I'm calling it a scotch tape mani, but we really used striping tape. It's easier to ensure even lines that way! 
I love how this turned out and I love this color combo!

Here's what we used:
Sinful Colors 24/7, NOPI My Lifesaver, and Claire's Tiger Lily, Pure Ice Busted

Doing these types of looks are always suspenseful because you never know if it's all going to look good until you peel the tape off! :P

Have a great weekend for me...my little town has nothing to do so I am sure whatever ya'll are doing is going to be a LOT more exciting! :)
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Zoya Mira French Tip

Hi everyone! Being from Tennessee, I have been thinking about those affected by the severe weather in the South last night. Such crazy destruction...please keep them in your thoughts!

Today's manicure is a french tip. I hardly ever do these because I think they are typical when it comes to nail art, and I'm always trying to be different! :) But I got the hankering anyway, and here it is:

Dustin did the tips freehand because he's good like that. :P We have been very busy lately so we didn't get around to taking pics until after a day, thus the tip wear.

Here's what we used: Zoya Mira for the tips, and Sinful Colors Glass Pink + Pure Ice Busted layered on the nail. Born Pretty Plate M12 and Konad Plate M25.
Dustin filled in the butterfly with Zoya Lolly and Sinful Colors Innocent and used a dotting tool inside the flowers.

That's it today...have a great day! 
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Pink Wednesday: Kleancolor Holo Pink

Hello again! If any of you happened to be on my blog late last night you probably thought that it was having a spaz attack...I am in the process of a layout revamp! haha I hope you like it...I haven't decided if I'm gonna keep it though.

It's Pink Wednesday today and I finally have a real pink mani to show! Unfortunately I don't have a picture of this color on it's own. But it's a pink jelly with holo glitter throughout. You can see it more in the bottle than on my nails here.

I layered an opaque coat of Sinful Colors Beautiful Girl underneath to brighten the Holo Pink up a bit. Without it, it's virtually nonexistent from a distance. 

For the design, I wanted to mix tough with girly. I originally had a skull in this design, but my taste is really more girly so I nixed it. :P But I do like this result! It's Bundle Monster plate 12 and stamped with Konad Black.

This mani was put through the ringer before I got to take pics of it so it could be better! Thanks for looking and I look forward to your pink manis!  :)
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OPI Guy Meets Gal-veston

Hey guys! I have OPI's Guy Meets Gal-veston from the Texas Collection for you today. These (and most pics I have seen) really don't do this polish justice. There is a little shrinkage going on because I used Seche Vite on top. Kinda disappointing, but I know better now! I love this polish and am dying to try Houston We Have a Purple.

This "sorbet finish" is so fun...I wish this finish came in every color! You guys probably think I'm crazy because it just looks average here. But in person, and especially in sunlight, this color looks so juicy! Like a cherry Jolly Rancher melted on my nails! haha

And here is the design Dustin and I decided on. Inspired by the juicyness of Guy Meets Gal-veston, what better than cherries?

Here's what we used: 
Bundle Monster plate BM17 and 2 and Born Pretty plate M73
Stamped with Konad White, and Dustin filled in the ring finger cherry using Sinful Colors Innocent and other colors from Born Pretty's stamping polish set.

If you haven't already checked out this polish, I highly recommend it! And it looks 123649987 times more amazing sunlight! Of course I tried to capture it, but it won't be real summer sun here until June. How depressing is that?!

Thanks for being so awesome and checking out my designs! Have a great day!
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China Glaze Secret Periwinkle

Good morning! Another Monday...yay. :)

Today's mani is another of Dustin's ideas. I was trying so hard to do my nails by myself while he was studying so he wouldn't have to, but it was just one big fail after another! I was so mad that none of my ideas turned out the way I saw it in my head. Does anyone else have that problem sometimes, or is it just me?! haha

So my base is China Glaze Secret Periwinkle. Sorry I don't have a plain swatch! This is the first China Glaze I owned...and it's almost time for a replacement bottle. I like this color a lot.

Supplies used: Bundle Monster 11 and Born Pretty Plate M72. Stamped in Konad White and ELF Navy.

I think my bottle of Secret Periwinkle is running low because one day I was trying to paint Taylee's toes while she was sleeping on the couch and as I was bending over painting I didn't realize the bottle in my hand had been spilling out the entire time! I was freaking out because we had just redone our couch and pillows in a new color. Luckily Dustin was able to get it out, and I think I learned my lesson! :P

That's all for today, thanks for reading my ramblings on! :)
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Nail Polish Storage

Happy Easter (for those that celebrate)! I am wishing I was closer to my family today, because celebrating holidays always makes me miss them more! But I hope you guys have had a fun day!

So I don't have actual nails for you today, but I am showing you my polish storage. I didn't want to make this a stash post because I personally find them pointless (unless you readers really care to see it in detail). It took me forever to find the perfect thing that would be the right size AND aesthetically pleasing because Dustin and I have about as much fun decorating our apartment as we do my nails. :P I also wanted to make sure that whatever we got I was able to childproof because once our little Taylee starts crawling that is the LAST thing I want her to get into!!

Here it is! It's a cabinet from Target- the kind you put together. It was only $25 and had just the right amount of space. We found some cute vinyl stickers to match our decor, because plain white is just boring! haha

So the inside has 2 shelves for polish and the bottom shelf holds all of my nail supplies.

And because the shelves get a little shadowy and dark on the polish bottles, we added touch lights that we just attached with double stick tape. It actually makes a difference, even though it might not look like it here!

Here is the secret to fitting the 140+ bottles in there now...

Dustin built 2 tiered shelves out of foam board. He took pictures for a tutorial in case any one was interested...other wise I won't go through the work to make a post! haha

So hopefully this helps someone out there with a growing polish collection who needs more space! A little creativity and personalization go a long way!!

Finally, if you haven't already, you should really check out Glammed-Up. Her polish storage and collection is absolutely jaw dropping...you really need to see it for yourself!
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Zoya Apple

Happy Saturday! Today is when Dustin can help me with my nails and I don't feel bad about taking up his precious study time. ;) For my mani today I used Apple from Zoya's Sunshine collection as the base. I don't think these pics do it justice...

Actually, I think most swatches of Zoya don't do them justice...they always look 10x better in person! :)

And here is my psychedelic  design (I never use that word in real life, but that's what this look reminds me of)! :P Anyway, I wasn't in the mood for anything too involved so I opted for a fool-proof full nail design. This is Konad plate M64 stamped with Konad White.

I used a dotting tool and Sinful Colors 24/7 to cover the white dots in the design. It looks like it took forever to do, but the dotting tool  helped me do both hands in probably 5 minutes! I got them for less than $3 on ebay...there were lots available, go take a look!

I really liked this fun look, and I hope you did too!!

That's all for now...I hope ya'll have a great weekend!! :)
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Hey Readers!!

Today I am guest posting for Dolores from colorful bottles blog who was kind enough to host me...go check it out HERE!

Also I am on official NO BUY after the Zoya exchange and Bundle Monster plates. Any tips? Because I really need to stick with it this time!!
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Zoya Rainbow

Well if you lovely readers didn't already know I was obsessed with Zoya, now ya do! This look is done with all Zoya polishes minus the stamping. Sometimes Dustin gets bored and craves an artistic outlet. Since he doesn't have any other projects going on, my nails are his next best option. He was playing around and came up with this idea. Now I know it looks really silly on it's own, but I knew with stamping this would be a one of a kind look!

This is definitely pushing my limit with how loud these are, but I really do love it! And plus I think it was totally genius for Dustin to come up with the rainbow. Even though he is an artist, he still surprises me that he comes up with stuff I love.

So speaking of Zoya, how many of you are taking part in their exchange this week? What colors did you get? 

And just because it's some serious eye candy:
Here is what we used! I chose Konad plate M78 to tone down the crazy rainbow effect, and stamped with Konad White. Polishes: Kimmy, Reva, Rica, Tanzy, Bekka, Apple, Charla, Julieanne, Valerie

Finally, I wanted to show you guys what Dustin is capable of outside of nails. These are some airbrush wall murals he has done for people:

He is so freakin talented!! Hope you enjoyed!

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Pink Wednesday: My Lifesaver

Hi! Another Pink Wednesday today! I had applied a pink polish before I went to bed the other night and woke up with bubbles and sheet marks...so I said buh-bye! Pink Wednesdays have made me realize that I need more pink polishes...enter Zoya's Earth Day exchange promo! So for now, this look will have to suffice.
This is my favorite color combo EVER! My Lifesaver is from the Beiber Collection from NOPI. This color just makes me happy.

I used a random glitter from Sally Beauty's store line..it is pink, but doesn't show up that way in pics. For stamping we used M54 from Born Pretty store. Dustin colored in the flower with Zoya Lolly.

Next Wednesday is gonna be more pink for sure!
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Zoya Breezi Scotch Tape Mani

Hey polish lovers! I FINALLY got Taylee down for a nap so it's time for a post!
Dustin was out of town half of last week so I was left to my own devices when it came to doing my nails...thus the lack of creativity! :P I managed to do an ok job on a scotch tape mani. The base is Zoya Breezi. It's part of their Summertime collection. This color was a lot darker than I thought it would be, but I still love me some Zoya!

China Glaze DV8 was a perfect holo twin for Breezi. I used scotch tape to make the stripes. They are uneven because of that...it was only when I was done that I remembered that I have striping tape that would have made them all uniform! Oh well...I can try that another time. DV8 is really pretty but I messed up the whole presentation of it's holo-y goodness by putting a top coat on. Normally I know better, but I wanted to smooth the lines from the tape.

That's all I have today...another Pink Wednesday tomorrow! :)
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Random Zoya and China Glaze Swatches!

I'm finally back to blogging after being out of town for the weekend...and I only bought one polish while we were shoppng! I'm so proud of myself! haha
These swatches are base colors for failed nail art ideas...
First is Zoya Lolly, one of the Mod Matte collection. Application takes a little bit of a learning curve, but it dries quickly like any matte polish. 

And here is China Glaze FYI from the OMG collection. As always, the holo is amazing!

Keeping it short and sweet today...Taylee has been very demanding of attention today! 
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The fabulous Zoya is going to begin their Earth Day promo as soon as their video gets 20,000 views! Here is the link:


Spread the love because there is a lot of views before 20,000!
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Zoya Phoebe

Here is one  Zoya's newest polishes from their Mod Matte Collection. Phoebe has a shimmer in it with a matte finish. I normally don't go for this finish, but I really love this. I heard mattes don't have as much staying power as normal polish, but I didn't have any issues with chipping. I used Hard Candy's matte top coat so maybe that made a difference? I also tried it on top of shiny polish and it mattified really well.

Dustin saw a version of this somewhere...I'm not sure where though...he woudn't let me look at my nails until he finished the design. haha It's cute though...kinda different, but it shows off the color too which I'm always torn to use nail art when I love the color. But I can't NOT do something else to my nails!
This is Koand plate M57 stamped with Konad black. Dustin used a tiny brush to fill in the cheetah with Zoya Lolly and Mitzi, the other 2 polishes in the Mod Matte Collection.

I know I posted the link to this yesterday, but when I tried it, it didn't work for me. SO here is what the entry looks like and you can look for it here.  I sometimes feel like I'm talking to myself on here, but if any of you care to know more about my design, let me know! :) 

I have 10 followers now! Which I know isn't much, but I'm glad to know that there are people out there who actually care about what I post...so thanks you guys!! :)
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Pink Wednesday: Hello Kitty

Hey everyone! Today is Pink Wednesday...I know this mani isn't entirely pink, so I hope this counts! I used Color Club Soft as Cashmere for the base...such a funky color! It's a grey/brown/green. One would think that this mixture would look totally disgusting, but I like it. It was good in 2 coats and it was already so shiny without a top coat!

 Here is my design! Sinful Colors 24/7 is on the ring finger. Konad plate M 64 is the background stamped with China Glaze TTYL. The Hello Kitty plate is GCOCL A02. Dustin hunted this one down for my birthday last year before it was so readily available from Born Pretty. He used Konad White for stamping that. He filled in the one on my ring finger...I still don't know how he manages to have such precision!

Also, here is the link to my entry for the Bundle Monster Contest : http://apps.facebook.com/contestshq/contests/107601/voteable_entries/19826064?ogn=facebook
I hope to do a post on it soon!

There are so many awesome ideas on there...I'm loving some of these entries!
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Scotch Tape Mani

I had oral surgery yesterday so today has been a lazy day...perfect to stalk eBay for nail polish! I won a few Kleancolors for a good deal...a little something for my discomfort. haha 
I, along with lots of others, took this idea from Chloe's Nails. I didn't realize that I had done this look exactly like one of hers until I looked back on her post! Oh well...

I used Zoya Mira for the base...I am so sad I didn't get a pic of it alone because it's GORGEOUS! Sometimes I wish I could restrain myself; not stamp or anything, but I just can't help it...so Mira got China Glaze IDK and ELF black layered on top. This was fun to do, but even with the help of Seche Vite, it took forever!

Loving the holo!!

Pink Wednesday tomorrow!
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