Loreal Miss Pixie + Jordana Lunar Lights

Hello readers!

I recently went through a phase where all of my polish choices were failing and nothing was translating from my head to the nail successfully. This mani is one of those. I have a love/hate relationship with iridescent glitters. They look really pretty in the bottle but I don't like them over just any color. The combo has to be perfect and this one wasn't that to me. This was supposed to be a jelly sandwich but for some reason I wasn't getting any depth even with repeated layers.

The final product isn't terrible, just kind of meh to me. ;) This is Loreal Miss Pixie and Jordana Lunar Lights.

Do you ever have "mani fail" phases?
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Maya Cosmetics: Hyperbole

Good afternoon!

Just a quick recent mani today. This is Hyperbole from Maya Cosmetics. They seem to have fallen off the radar for a few months but are planning on making a comeback soon with a sale! 

I layered one coat over China Glaze Ride the Waves. I like the funky, unexpected glitter combo that Hyperbole has.

Do you own any polish from Maya Cosmetics?
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Pop Culture Cosmetics Swatches and Review

*Press Sample*

Hi lovely readers!

I have a post full of eye candy for you today! Have you heard of Pop Culture Cosmetics before? This is an indie brand with a TON of polishes to choose from...it's glittery goodness to the max! I have 5 of their newer polishes to share with you today...let's take a look!

First, is Piñata Killer, part of the Anniversary collection. Holy cow, there is a LOT going on here! I am pretty sure that I didn't even get every glitter on my nails that is in the bottle. So many different kinds! I had the best luck getting a blob of this and swiping it on some paper and then picking and choosing which glitters I wanted to place where. That way I got a nice variety. I did one coat and then the pick and choose method over Zoya Elodie. I really like the iridescent glitters in here, they really complement the matte glitters.

Next up, is Beyond the Fence from the Factions collection. I did 3 coats here and placed a few of the larger glitters. There are moons, stars and circles in this one!  This one has a lot of depth to it and I really love the shimmer in the base...a perfect fall shade!

Another polish from the Factions collection, this is The Peaceful. The cherry red base is richly pigmented and I only needed 2 coats to cover. I placed a few of the larger circles but most of them came out well on their own as I was painting. I like this spin on a classic polish color...who said red polish had to be boring? ;)

Next up is a personal fave of mine, Purple Holo-versary, also from the Anniversary collection. I layered 2 coats with a few larger glitter placements over Sally Hansen Grape Escape from the Insta-Dri line. This could be built up to cover on it's own in more coats as well. Everything works together so well in this polish...just gorgeous!

Last but not least, a polish from the Pop Culture Seasonal polish selections called Be Mine Frankenstein. This is such a creative twist on the typical colors we see in most Halloween polishes. The shape glitters really contribute to that but I am also loving the tiny metallic glitters as well. Those really bring it all together. This is 2 coats over a black creme. Some larger glitters placed.

I want to note that the fact that I had to pick and place some of the larger glitters in these polishes is not a problem with the polish itself, just a characteristic of the large, shaped glitter in general.

 I would love to know what you think of these!

I am a huge fan of Pop Culture Cosmetics  (I have yet to post some of my personal purchases here on the blog!). One look at their site and I know you'll be hooked too! SO much eye candy to be had! Another thing I like about PCC is that they offer minis. I can pretty guarantee I will never use an entire full size indie so I like having this option.

*You can purchase Pop Culture Cosmetics polishes on their website, popculturecosmetics.com, or on Etsy.

*Follow them on Facebook and Twitter as well! Need incentive? You'll find a giveaway going on that ends in 2 days!

*Polish sent for review in exchange for my honest opinions.
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Pink and Green Skittlete

Hey everyone!

I am still working through my past manicures in between review posts. This is a summer look for sure! I know it's technically all about fall right now (I just bought an awesome fall scented candle that I can't wait to use!) but it's like the hottest it's been all summer this week, sooo it's still summertime for me! ;)

My base is Nabi Rainbow Effect in Green. Zoya Ali is my accent nail as well as what I used for the chevron stripes (made with some french tip guide stickers). I added Darling Diva's Bonnie Lassie to my accent nail too.

This isn't my typical picture hand because I liked how the chevron turned out better on this one...hence the different hand poses!

This bright mani was fun to wear and definitely screams summer!

Is it becoming fall where you live yet?
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New ShopStyle Product Review Feature + Giveaway!

Hello again!

As a POPSUGAR Select blogger, I got to try out the new review system on the ShopStyle website. This site is kind of addicting, if you haven't visited it yet, there is anything and everything to browse through and I found myself looking at way too many cute things!

Anyway, so the review system was super easy to use and really gives you the chance to give a thorough review that will be helpful to others. I decided to be positive and leave reviews only for items I really loved, but you can leave any rating you wish on any product. I focused mainly on beauty products but there are lots of other categories as well. Trust me, you won't have a hard time finding something you own or have used before!

Once this site gets lots more reviews on it's listings, I can see how it would be a very helpful one stop resource to aid in making decisions on purchases or to get real life feedback on a product.

So, if YOU give this new feature a try, you could win $1,000! Hello, shopping spree! There are more details *here* that will tell you exactly how to enter and win. Good luck!!

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Fuzzy Coat by Sally Hansen Swatches

*press sample*

Hey hey!

It's Friday and I'm hoping for a great weekend. :)

I know we have all seen the Sally Hansen Fuzzy Coat matte micro bar polishes by now. I have seen them in drugstores a million times and never thought to pick any up because I tried a Nails Inc. version and wasn't too impressed with the formula. So I assumed these would be the same but I am glad I had the chance to try them out because I was happily surprised! I have 5 from the line to show you today...let's take a look:

First up is Fuzz Sea. One coat over OPI Did It on 'Em.

Fuzzy Fantasy in one coat over Orly Fresh. The pastel green micro bars don't show up too well over this color but they are there!

Tight Knit in one coat over China Glaze Elephant Walk. Fun combo!

Tweedy in one coat over Zoya Tamsen. Love this combo as well...the black and white is so versatile.

And finally, All Yarned Up. One coat over China Glaze Blue Year's Eve. My ring finger is actually 2 coats so you can see the coverage that gives.

The formula for all of these was really good...it never got too thick or difficult to work with which is what my Nails Inc. polish did. The micro bars spread easily didn't clump together either. I believe there are 3 other polishes in this line that I didn't show today.

Tell me your thoughts on these! Have you given them a try?

*Polish sent for review in exchange for my honest opinions.
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Lucky Charms Nails

*press sample*

Hi ladies!

Today's mani ended up looking St. Patrick's Day/Lucky Charms inspired but not on purpose! haha

I started with a base of Zoya Josie and added a couple coats of a milky rainbow glitter polish from Born Pretty Store. For my accent nail, I added 3 iridescent hearts that added even more to the Lucky Charms look...but I think it's cute! I really like these hearts and can't wait to come up with some more looks using them.

I can't find the exact glitter polish from Born Pretty, but there are a bunch of others on their site *here* to choose from. You can find the iridescent hearts *here*. My code, AMG10, will get you another 10% off your order!

I would love to hear what you think of this mani!

*Products sent for review in exchange for my honest opinions.
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Sally Hansen Sugar Coat: Pink Sprinkle and Royal Icing

*press sample*

Hey everyone!

Last week, I had a handful of the newer Sugar Coat polishes from Sally Hansen to show you and today I've got a couple more. These ones have glitter involved!

This is Pink Sprinkle, a berry toned pink with larger, almost iridescent flakies. This is 2 coats. Super pretty!

I'm sure you have all seen Royal Icing because it's definitely the standout of the glittery Sugar Coats. On it's own, it's very sheer so I decided to layer one over black to really bring out the color shifting iridescence in the formula. It's definitely a different look, but it's nice that you can get 2 drastically different looks from one bottle...delicate or edgy.

I definitely prefer the glitter textures to the creme ones.

Do you have any of the glittery Sugar Coats? Which are your favorites?

*Product sent for review in exchange for my honest opinions.
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Bundle Monster Holiday Stamping Plate Set Review

*press sample*

Good morning, readers!

I have a Bundle Monster review for you guys today! I think anyone who is into nail stamping knows that Bundle Monster plates are pretty awesome. I have been a fan since the beginning when they only had the first set available. Since then, they have really improved their subsequent plate sets in terms of quality and listened to their fan's suggestions to make an even better product!

The set I am showing you in this post is their most recent release, a set devoted just to holidays! I think this is such a fun idea and super convenient to have all together. There are a bunch of pics coming up so get ready!

The plates come neatly packaged in a little box...

...and you don't have to worry about them scratching each other in the box because of the blue plastic coating on top (you remove this before stamping...obvious I know, but I have seen people not realize that before!) and the permanent layer on the bottom.

Let's take a look at all of the fabulous designs!

Fun, right?! I think a few of these images can be used for any time during the year as well.

I did a little mani to test out the images using the Halloween designs since that's the next major holiday...it still felt too early to be busting out a Halloween design though! The images I used were all well etched out (I got a plate in the first set that had been damaged and after contacting Bundle Monster I was sent a replacement no questions asked, great customer service!) and here is what I came up with:

I really need to get a new white stamping polish...any skips in the design are because of that not the image plate itself.

Polishes used: OPI A Roll in the Hague, Sally Hansen Insta-Dri A Currant Trend.

Do you like what this holiday plate set has to offer?

There are all kinds of ways to keep up with Bundle Monster:

For even more exciting Bundle Monster news, check out *this* post! 

*Product sent for review in exchange for my honest opinions.
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