Happy "Holo"-ween!

Hello again!

I have the actual mani I am sporting for Halloween to show you tonight! I used Layla Hologram Effect in Flash Black with China GLaze GR8 as an accent. Dustin did some fun stamping too. I loved how it turned out!

Hope you all have a fun night! I will be posting some pics maybe tomorrow of my Halloween festivities!
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Halloween Mani Spam!

Happy Halloween!

I hope you all have a great day having a little more fun than you normally would any other day of the week. ;) 

I promised myself I would post my Halloween manis in a timely manner so that I wouldn't have to post them all at once on Halloween. But guess what happened?! And I am such a perfectionist that it would really bother me to post a Halloween mani after Halloween. haha

So here is some spam of my recent Halloween manis for you to enjoy on Halloween! :P

First up is China Glaze Zombie Zest and Hit Polish Halloween with  China Glaze It's Alive (LOVE this glitter!) as accent nails.

This is an ombre look from black to white with CND Violet Shimmer on top to sort of tie in the ombre. I topped that off with Hocus Pocus from F4 Polish.

Next up is Zoya Sienna (a totally amazing glass flecked orange!) with Daring Digits Trick or Treat on top. This is definitely a top favorite of this bunch! I love this combo!

And here is Sincerest Pumpkin Patch from Sonoma Nail Art. This one is so fun! I layered this over a Sweet Polish from Born Pretty.

And finally, here is Spookly also from F4 Polish. I have a soft spot for these milky white based glitters. This is easy coats.

So there you have it! I may post one more today if I get the time, which is my current mani to celebrate Halloween. I have obviously been infatuated with indie glitters lately, so there wasn't much nail art to be had. If you haven't already checked out my 2011 Halloween Mani Roundup, there's more inspiration to be found *here* that includes more nail art!
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3 Darling Diva Holiday Collection Swatches!

Hi lovely readers!

Are you guys getting ready for Halloween? My little toddler fell down a few stairs last night and woke up with her eye practically swollen shut, so I guess she gets to sport a black eye with her Dorothy costume tomorrow. :(

So today I've got some fun holiday polishes from Darling Diva's upcoming A Christmas Story collection to show you! I am so excited about these because they are so stinkin pretty! I am showing you 3 out of the complete collection.

First is Pink Nightmare. I knew I would like this one just by looking at the bottle and once it was on my nails, I was not disappointed! Pink Nightmare is anything but a nightmare. haha I layered one easy coat over OPI Pink Friday. Some of the larger glitters came out on their own and others I fished around for a bit. This polish has small iridescent color shifting glitters that give it a pretty blue flash. Super sparkly!

Can you see the blue flash this has? Love.

Next is FUUUUUUUDGE!!!!. I layered one coat with some dabbing here and there over OPI Did You 'Ear About Van Gogh?. This glitter combo is so unexpected and it totally works, which makes me love it more than I already do! I really like the tiny gold shimmer throughout the base also.

Ahhh this one just makes me happy!

And finally we have Electric Sex (in reference to the leg lamp in the movie :P). This has a sheer black jelly base with lots of different kinds of gold glitters throughout. I layered this over black and the glitters were a little hard to place in only 2 coats. If you wanted to wear this one on it's own you could and probably get more glitter out that way. Either way, I love the look this has. You can't go wrong with black and gold! Definitely an eye-catching polish!

There's even some holo glitter in here!

 So there you have it! I would love to hear your thoughts on these! Any favorites? I love them all for different reasons.

This collection will become available for purchase on November 1st! Day after tomorrow! Be sure to check out the Darling Diva shop if you haven't already and follow her on Facebook to stay in the know on all things Darling Diva!

*Products in this post were provided for review in exchange for my honest opinions.

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Shimmer Polish Swatches and Review Part 1

Hello again everyone!

I am carving pumpkins tonight with the fam...we are a little late but better late than never right? Maybe I will post a pic if I like how mine turns out. ;)

I am back today to show you guys some more swatches from Shimmer Polish. I previously featured Shimmer *here* and *here*. In those past posts, I showed you what Shimmer looks like layered over other polishes in one coat. This time I thought I would show you Shimmer as a full coverage option. These babies are versatile!

First, is Tiffany. This is 2 coats with a little dabbing to fill some spots (this is pretty much what I did for all of these swatches). I used Zoya Rory as underwear. This one sort of reminds me of a baby shower!

This is Brooklyn. I used Zoya Robyn for underwear. I like the random mix of glitters that totally work together to create this.

Here is Mary. I layered this over Zoya Anaka. I'm loving the holo glitter in this one!

Next up is Katherine. This one is a little different from most Shimmer because it's got one size of glitter. This is full coverage in about 2 coats which is fantastic!

As with all other Shimmers I have used, the formula was awesome on all of these. And I actually think I prefer them as full coverage! What about you?

Also, I wanted to add that Shimmers are great for a blingy pedi! I love using full coverage glitter in my pedicures and these definitely fit the bill. :)

That's it for Part I and I will have Part II up soon!

What are you favorites of this bunch?

You can shop Shimmer's Etsy shop *here* and on their blog *here* and like them on Facebook *here*!

*Products were sent for review in exchange for my honest opinions.

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Sonoma Nail Art: Here Lies Robert + Layering

Hey polish lovers!

More awesome Halloween indie polish today! I was lucky enough to snag a couple Sonoma Nail Art Halloween polishes a while back. I started with LCN Fanappleistic (weird name), 1 coat of Kleancolor Holo Green and then 1 coat of Here Lies Robert. I love how this turned out! And can I just say that the whole peel off base coat discovery is making me not so apprehensive to experiment with layering multiple glitters and I love the possibilities! 

A pic in direct sunlight to show of the holo glitter...love!

Check out the awesome label too!

So as far as I know, this isn't available anymore since it's seasonal. I hate to tease you guys like that! But definitely check out the Sonoma Nail Art Facebook page to stay updated because Michelle's polishes you don't want to miss out on!

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My (sort of) New Blog Design and Where You Can Get One Too!

Hello again!

I have been meaning to post about my new blog design so I can share with you the awesome girl who did it! If you are looking to give your blog a facelift, go to Nicole at Designs by Nic. She is the talent behind my cute, new design!

Here is why I loved working with her: She is super easy going and easy to work with. She made sure I was completely happy before finalizing the design (even when I was sort of picky!). She was quick to respond via email and easy to communicate with. Also, her prices are very reasonable for the quality of work you get.

Definitely check out her portfolio and see what else she has done!
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Lush Lacquer Hey Jack! + Nail Decal

Hello readers!

It's been a chill Saturday for me. I spent my afternoon doing some swatching but I was barely hanging on to good lighting since it was overcast all day. 

I've got another Halloween mani to  show you tonight. I layered 1 coat of Hey Jack! from Lush Lacquer over Zoya Mira. Very fun contrast! I had some decals from Rue 21 that I never used from last year that I used for an accent nail. I was very surprised these were still usable after so long!

Hey Jack! Is the perfect Halloween polish!

Did any of you get any polishes from Lush Lacquer's Halloween collection?

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Lush Lacquer Korny Candy + Nail Art

Hey everyone!

I have been saving up my Halloween nails to post once Halloween was a little closer and now I think I waited too long to post them once a day before Halloween! Life just gets crazy sometimes. So you may be seeing a few multiple posts a day from me for a bit. :)

It's no secret I'm a big indie polish fan and I have been loving what all these talented ladies are creating for Halloween (not to mention the upcoming holiday season!). Lush Lacquer has an awesome collection for Halloween and I am showing you Korny Candy from that. I also had Dustin do a candy corn accent finger!

I love having such a fun Halloween polish in my collection and will definitely use it in the coming years as well.

Do any of you own any of Lush Lacquer's Halloween collection?

I will have a few more to show you coming up soon!
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Nicole by OPI Just Busta Muave

Hello everyone!

I have a sick toddler and she hardly slept last night and neither did I. And this probably means we are going to cancel our Atlanta trip this weekend. ;( 

At least I have nail polish for a pick me up, right?! haha Dustin bought me this NOPI a while back and I am happy he did because it's so fun for fall. This is called Just Busta Mauve. I am loving the blue glitter/shimmer! This is 3 coats:

What do you ladies think of this shade? I wanted to do some sort of layering or nail art with this but was having a hard time coming up with a good color/theme to use. 

What nail art or layering would you add this base?

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Jamberry Nails French Tip Design

Hi readers!

Another Jamberry review today. You can see the previous two I have done *here* and *here*. 

This is the French tip design and it comes in short, medium, and long lengths. I thought the length was referring to the white part of the decal, but it really seems to be the clear part. There is plenty of white space to spare. I got the medium length and was able to make it work but I think the long ones would have been better. As you can see, I am still not perfect at application but it's getting easier every time!

My nails are a bit stained and that sort of shows in the clear area, so be sure to keep that in mind if you have stained nails you want to hide. ;) I like the look of these a lot. They are very elegant and sort of look like acrylics.

Be sure to visit my previous posts that I linked at the beginning for some application tips!

What do you think of the French tip design? I don't think I have seen anything like these in other brands that make decals yet.

You can purchase Jamberry Nails *here*.

* Products in this post were sent to me for review in exchange for my honest opinions.

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Some Jindie Nails Swatches!

Hi guys!

I have some swatches from my recent purchase at Jindie Nails to show you today. This has quickly become one of my favorite indie shops, for the awesome products and the great customer service.

First, we have Frankenstein Spit. I did one coat over China Glaze Sweet Hook. Love this combo! I like how the green glitters pop over the light base.

Next is Stack the Deck. This is one awesome polish! I layered this over Wet n Wild Saved by the Blue. There are some huge glitter pieces in this that take a little patience but it's so worth it for the end result. I am also loving the tiny silver glitters in this!

And finally, here is Check the Candy. I really love glitters with a milky base like this! This is pretty sheer so you could cut down on coats by layering this but I chose not to here and did maybe 4 coats? The glitters came out really easily and spread evenly.

Overall, there haven't been any disappointments with my Jindie Nails polishes and would highly recommend this brand if you are looking for a reputable indie seller.

You can find Jindie Nails *here* and don't forget to follow their Facebook page as well!

And if you want even more Jindie awesomeness, check out my swatches of the upcoming Santa Claws collection *here*!
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