Blue Zebra

This past week has been INSANE! But I have still been able to find time for my nails. It's a nice little escape. I have been on a buying spree lately and have a backlog of polishes that I can't wait to try! This design was stamped with Konad plate M57. The blue is Zoya Charla and it is absolutely gorgeous!! No picture does it justice. It's so pretty on it's own, I barely wanted to stamp over it.

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Valentine's Nails Part III

FINALLY! I have to say I was getting pretty sick of Valentine's Nails...I felt so restricted! So this is the last one that I actually had on Valentine's Day. I like this one a lot, it just took forever! I stamped on the image, and then used a 3d nail art paint from Born Pretty to make the dots pink. So tedious, but I guess the result is worth it! Now I am free to do whatever design I want! yessss. Also I know these pic could be better. But since I am a broke college kid with a husband and baby, a super nice camera isn't high on our priority least right now. Maybe one day! PS Dustin I know you will read this...don't get any crazy ideas!!!

Polish: ELF Black stamped with Orly Luxe
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Valentine's Nails Part II

I liked these nails for like a day, and then decided they were a little much. I have so many Valentine's Day related stamping plates that I obviously couldn't make up my mind!! It was fun while it lasted though...

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Valentine's Nails I

I have been underhwhelmed with my nails lately...I think I'm running low on inspiration! This was my first attempt at a gradient nail look. I think it turned out pretty good... I found it easier to add a little white to some nails to make the gradient more cohesive. But for a Valentine's look it's a little simple for my taste!

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First Attempt at Nail Foils...

...ok so this is really our second attempt, but the first was a pretty much a total fail that would make a mockery of what my blog is trying to accomplish. :P Dustin found DollarNailArt.com is where we got these foils. There is a 25 dollar minimum purchase but you can get a lot for that price considering everything is a dollar! The foils definitely a learning curve...luckily my talented hubby mastered it pretty quick. I thought these turned out well for only a second try! This is the passion pink foil  before the Konad stamping:

I don't put too much thought and work into deciding what to stamp because the foils don't last longer than a few days. I noticed that they stay a lot longer on toes though. 

                                                  Konad White special polish and plate M61
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Wishing for summer...

These nails remind me of a tropical summer day...I can dream right? It was -20 this morning! All the schools were out but ours...I guess they figure college students can handle it. Anyways, Dustin did sponging with the green color and it was our first success after many previous failures on different manicures. I think it looks really good!

Polishes used:
Claire's Mean Green
Zoya Bekka
LDL ? for stamping
Konad Plate 78

                                      Finally, here are Taylee's toes this week.
                                      Zoya Charla stamped with Konad White
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