Laquerlicious Polish Swatches and Review

Happy New Year's Eve readers!

Do you all have fun plans to ring in the new year? I wish I could say I did...I always want an excuse to get all dressed up and go on glitter overload with my makeup. haha I think it will be a quiet night at home with some fondue, which is fun. :)

So I've got an indie shop to share with you today called Lacquerlicious. I really love what I have been able to try out and I think you guys will be impressed as well!

First up is Disgruntled Elf. I think it's safe to say that this is my favorite of the 4 I was sent for review. I layered one coat over Essie Navigate Her. Looks just like a frosted sugar cookie with sprinkles! I wore this as a full mani for a couple of days and got so many compliments!

Next is Rainbow Sugar. I think this name is perfect for what this looks like! I layered one coat over China Glaze Sweet Hook. Check out the tiny shimmer in the base! Love this one.

This is Stained Glass. I know I keep saying this, but I am loving this one as well! The combo of glitters is pretty awesome and definitely brings to mind a stained glass window. I layered one coat over OPI Fly.

And finally, here is Mocha Sprinkles. I layered one coat over Zoya Areej. My camera kinda spazzed out trying to capture this, so I don't think I did Mocha Sprinkles justice. You can tell from my close up that this is a pretty original combination of glitters!

So that's it! 

Have you heard of Laquerlicious before? What are your faves out of the ones I showed you today?

Laquerlicious can be purchased on Etsy and followed on Facebook. Be sure to check it out, you won't be disappointed!

*Products were sent for review in exchange for my honest opinions.
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Holiday Mani Wrap Up: Snowflakes

Happy Saturday! 

This is my 500th post! That's quite the milestone, I think! :D

I hope you are all enjoying your weekend. We got snow today! Not a lot, just enough to dust the ground...but it's pretty anyway. :)

I am showing you the last of the holiday manis I wore this past week. I actually wore this one for Christmas Day. Dustin got me Butter London Scuppered as an early present (my first BL!) so that was the base for this mani. Hit Polish Noel went unexpectedly well with Scuppered, so I used that as an accent. Dustin stamped on the snowflakes and the rhinestones just tie it all together so well!

I also wanted to share a mani done by Dustin for my sister! He stamped snowflakes using some Color Club metallics and used Jordana Lunar Lights to add to the effect. I really love how this looks! I love that my husband knows how to make cute nail designs and execute them perfectly. :)

What do you think of these manis?
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More Christmas Manis!

Hey everyone!

It's been a while for me! I took some time off this past week to celebrate the holidays with my family...but I am back now and ready to be back in the normal pattern of life again. :) I'm showing you some holiday looks I wore over the past week. Again, these photos aren't my best and I look forward to being able to truly focus on blogging again  and presenting you with the standard you know from me.

First is Crooked Star from Darling Diva. I layered this over China Glaze Running in Circles which is freaking awesome....everyone needs it!

Next is Tree-mendous from Lush Lacquer layered over Orly Fresh. Still got the broken pinky nail, unfortunately.

And finally, a little stamping! I don't do this enough anymore. This is such a fun look but my topcoat smeared it. :(

I will probably have another post like this to wrap up my holiday manis and then I will be back to what I do best, hopefully! 

Hope you all had a wonderful holiday!
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Winter Fail Manis :)

Good evening everyone!

This post is a bit out of my comfort zone...manis I'm not so proud of. haha I broke a nail and so some of these pics leave the pinky out... and that doesn't look very good. The photography is not my personal best either. But I can't stand not posting what I took time to paint and take pics of, so here they are anyway! 

This is Kleancolor Winter Wonderland. I have to say that I think this is one of my favorite Kleancolors. I love the combo of colored glitters in the fleck-y base. This photo doesn't do it justice.

Next is Lush Lacquer's Snow Angel. This is so pretty and could work for a topper any time of the year. I layered this over OPI The Spy Who Loved Me. Perfect for Christmas, I think!

And finally, this is China Glaze Winter Holly (LOVE this glitter!) with an accent nail of OPI Goldeneye (SUPER sparkly!) with an argyle design stamped on top. You can't tell me this 3 finger thing isn't weird...it's throwing me off just looking at it! haha

Alright, so now you know that I am not perfect (although I strive for it when it comes to this blog!). haha But I liked the manis enough to share. Thanks for loving me even when I post weirdness like tonight! :)
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Snowman Nail Art ft Sinful Colors Superstar

Good evening!

Just a quick post tonight but I think you will like it. I was so excited to find the Sinful Colors holiday polishes in Walgreens a while back. Normally, I'm kinda bored by what they have to offer but a lot of these really caught my eye and Superstar was one of those. I layered one coat over Zoya Robyn. I LOVE the flecks in this...sooo pretty!

Superstar was the perfect backdrop for some winter nail art. Dustin gets all the credit for the fantastic snowman. He freehanded it and it looks adorable! 

Are you guys ready for Christmas? It's almost here! I've got my shopping done, just gotta wrap it all now. ;)
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Lush Lacquer Ho Ho Holidays + Glitter Nail Art


My trend this week seems to be posting in the evenings. Better late than never, right? :)

I really liked this mani...my husband on the other hand, not so much. haha He's such a perfectionist about my blog sometimes and my not so great paint job on this mani was a bit bothersome to him. At least he cares! haha

Anyway, I used China Glaze I'm With the Lifeguard over a white base and then layered Lush Lacquer Ho Ho Holidays over that. My accent nail is China Glaze Poinsettia with some green holo glitters placed along the length of my nail. I wanted to go into more detail placing these glitters in a more intricate design, but my patience was running thin working with them!

How perfect is Ho Ho Holidays for Christmas time?!
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Girly Bits Swatches

Hello readers!

I had the opportunity to try some polish from Girly Bits for the first time and I am sharing them with you now! 

First, is Sailors Delight. I love the shimmer this has! This could easily work as a layering polish also. Below I did 4 easy coats and I know that sounds like a lot but the formula was easy to work with so it wasn't a chore. :) 

Next is Smurf Dance. I believe this one has been discontinued, but you may still be able to find it somewhere. I really love this...the combination of glitters in this is perfect. I love the tiny holo glitters...I feel like they add the perfect finishing touch. I layered one coat over Orly Frisky.

And finally, Ornamental My Dear Watson. What a creative name! This was one coat over Zoya Natty. I really loved this, more than I thought I would! The glitter is packed in there and spread perfectly.  Gorgeous!

I am definitely a fan of Girly Bits! I loved these polishes all for different reasons.

Do you guys have any polishes from Girly Bits? What are your thoughts on these ones I have shown you today?

You can purchase Girly Bits *here* (however, they are currently closed for the holidays) and follow them on Facebook *here*.
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Purple Glitter Gradient

Hey everyone!

I am finally getting around to posting today after a day filled with spending time with my family. The rest of my week will be the same, so I'm gonna try and balance everything the best I can! :)

This is another mani I did in collaboration with Milani with exclusively Milani polishes. I love a good glitter gradient!

Do you like glitter gradients?
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Cloud Mani Inspired by My Heels!

Hello and TGIF!

I know I have been doing tons of swatches and not so much nail art lately, so I am changing that with today's post! 

I recently collaborated with Milani (as did other bloggers) a few months ago to come up with some nail art looks inspired by current trends using their polish. Stamping wasn't allowed...so that was a challenge for me since I love stamping! 

So the one of the trends was colorblocking. I got these cute heels a while back for $10 (how can you pass that up?!) and thought this would be super fun to translate into nail art.

And here is what I came up with! A Nailside inspired cloud mani using only colors from Milani. I loved how it turned out and these polish colors match my shoes perfectly. :)

Have you gotten into the colorblocking trend? It's such a fun way to play with color and go outside of your comfort zone a bit.

*Polish was sent for collaborative purposes. 
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The Nail Junkie's Holiday Line Swatches and Review

 Hi guys!

We are almost through another week and even closer to the holidays! I am almost ready, how about you?

I have a fun little holiday collection to show you today from The Nail Junkie. Aleta makes awesome themed collections and makes sure you are really taken care of by adding some felt pieces for polish removal and/or Cutie Balm (a great cuticle balm) to each order! Look how cute!

The first polish from this line is called Snowflake. I have a soft spot for shimmery white polish...they are so delicate and pretty. This one is no exception. I think I did 3 coats to get full coverage here.

Next is Poinsettia. This is 2 coats and one of my favorites. Perfect for the season also!

 This is Holly. Check out the shimmer and glitter in this one! It all works together so well. I believe this is 2 coats.

And finally, here is Gold Bell. This was a surprise favorite of mine. The shade is so unique and I love the shimmer it has.

The only thing I would add is that topcoat is your friend with these polishes. These dry to a semi matte, slightly textured finish which is cool, but adding topcoat really brings out the dimension and shimmer in these!

I would love to know your thoughts on this collection!

You can find The Nail Junkie on Etsy  and on Facebook. Also, she offers free domestic shipping and $5 international shipping! And $1 of each bottle goes to charity...how awesome is that? 

*Polish was sent for review in exchange for my honest opinions.
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Chirality Nail Polish Swatches and Review

Hello hello!

Today's post is featuring polish from Chirality, an indie brand. If you like holos, you will like Chirality!

Before we get to the holos though, you can't be an indie without having glitter! ;) Kidding! You can, but it's not common!

So first up is Engineers. This is one coat over Zoya Natty. I love the effect this has...kind of like a night sky.

And next is Suspiria. This is one coat over China Glaze Make Some Noise. Fun combo and I am loving the squares in this!

And now for the holos! As a note, all of these were 2 coats.

This is The Symbiote, an awesome black holo. Here it is in shade and the next photo shows direct sunlight.

I love teal, so Cu2+ is a favorite for me. Once again, shade and sunlight pics.

And finally, a pretty purple holo called Apollonia. Love the holo effect these have!

The best part about these holos? A full size bottle is only $7! Very affordable, which means you can stock up. ;) 

Have you purchased from Chirality before? Do you have any favorites from the ones I have shown you today?

You can find Chirality on Big Cartel *here* and on Facebook *here*. 

*Polish was sent for review in exchange for my honest opinions.
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