OPI Houston We Have a Purple Jelly Sandwich

TGIF guys! Dustin and I are hard at work with You Mix and we hope to catch up soon on all the orders. Don't forget that the last day to get your order in and shipped before we move is Monday!!

My post today features a polish that I have had for about a year now and I am just now wearing it. haha I tried to wear it a few different times but never liked how it looked. As my painting skills have improved, this polish is finally getting some love! This is 2 coats below. I forgot how much I love a jelly finish...so shiny and squishy!

I added a coat of OPI Servin' Up Sparkle and then another thin layer of HWHAP over that.

So besides the OPI sorbets, what are your favorite jellies? I have decided that I need more in my life! Bonus points for someone that knows of a mint or turquoise one! :)
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Floam by Nailventurous

Hi everyone! 

Dustin and I are anxiously preparing for our move. We leave in one week if all goes well and we are so excited!

My post for today features Floam by Amy of I'm Feeling Nail-venturous. I got this before she started her Etsy shop and that's probably the only reason I have it. haha I went to buy from her Etsy shop Tuesday night and only got 3 of the 6 I wanted because they were snatched up so fast! Amy definitely has a good thing going and her polishes are definitely worth the hype.

So this is 2 coats of Floam. I believe Amy changed the formula up a bit on this after I bought this bottle. Mine is pretty thick, but thinner would have helped if I wasn't too lazy to go get it out of my stash. haha I don't think I have to go in to too much detail about this polish because I know you have all seen it before and it speaks for itself...aka it's amazing and one of a kind! :)

So how many of you are dying to get your hands on Floam? Do you like the matte glitter look?
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Random Spring Swatches + You Mix Update

Hey ya'll!

I don't have anything too exciting today, but I keep accumulating random swatch pics, so I thought I'd share them now that I have a few.

This first one is Pedal Faster Suzi from OPI's Holland collection. The formula on this was pretty thin and watery. Has anyone else had this experience with this shade? It took a while to dry because of how many coats it needed.

Next is Essie Navigate Her. I love this green! In the bottle I didn't think it looked like much, but once I had it on I couldn't stop looking at it. I tend to gravitate towards green polish so I have a lot, but this Essie is definitely at the top pick for me!

And finally, here is OPI's I Don't Give a Rotterdam. Love that name. haha For some reason I had tip wear on this mani pretty fast, but who knows if that was more my fault than this polish. This color is very pretty though.

So there's my swatches that you have all seen a million times before, but I still to post them!

As for the You Mix update: Dustin and I are moving across the country next week, and as a result we will not be shipping orders for a few weeks. We will still accept orders during that time, but they won't ship for a little while. The cut off date for orders to ship before we move is Monday April 2. The good news is that this means Dustin has graduated school and we will no longer have a lag in shipping once we get settled from moving! We hope to streamline our business more and make it better than ever! Thanks to those of you who have helped make our business a success, we LOVE working with you! Please don't hesitate to email me if you have any questions!

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Purple Skittles Mani

Hi readers!

I hope you all had a fabulous weekend! My husband and I have been super busy with You Mix and can never seem to fully catch up...but I guess that's a good problem to have right? haha

You can probably tell that I chopped my nails way down. I have been in a short nail phase for a few weeks now, but now I can't decide if I want to grow them out or keep them shorter. It's a lot easier maintenance wise, but I think these pics are a little too short for my taste. 

Purple was one of my very first loves in terms of what color I would wear on my nails before I became a polish addice. I feel like it's been a while, so I went all out with a different purple for each finger! I am ticked that I forgot to get my thumb in any pics, because it tied the whole mani together!

Pinky to pointer: Zoya Mira, ChG Sweet Hook under ChG Marry a Millionaire, OPI Dutch Ya Just Love OPI, ChG Sweet Hook with Sally Hansen Purple Chrome Pen for stamping. My thumb was sporting Zoya Julianne.

What used to be your favorite color to wear before you discovered the sweet world of nail polish?
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Born Pretty Shimmer Polish Scotch Tape Mani

Hey guys!

I hope you are having a wonderful weekend...the weather is gorgeous today so we took little Taylee to the park and she loved every minute of it!

My manicure today is a scotch tape mani using polishes from Born Pretty Store. I have shown some of these to you before, *here* is where you can see more swatches. I love the finish of these...it's sort of a mix of glitter and shimmer, and it takes almost 1 coat for full coverage. I used Glitter Blue Shimmer and Navy Blue Shimmer (this looks a lot different on the site than in person) to create this look.

I love how the finish just makes the whole design look uniform! A tip my husband came up with a while back when doing scotch tape manis: I use label stickers instead of tape because it's less likely to ruin the polish underneath. To get the perfect crisp line without having to try to push the sticker down too much is to dab a piece of cotton with a little acetone on it onto the edge of the label. It seals it down and it won't mess up your polish if you use a light hand. This way your other color doesn't bleed underneath the tape!

Also, a quick You Mix update, we do have black and white glitter in bar and hex forms back in stock!

Thanks for reading!
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Black & White 10 Day Challenge Day 8: Sponging


I am almost through this 10 day challenge...it's day 8 today which is sponging. I love sponging because it's easy and has an awesome effect. I thought an ombre look with the opposite color sponged on top would look cool, and I wasn't disappointed with the end result.

I used Sally Hansen Quick Color Chrome Pen in silver to stamp...I never get tired of chromes for stamping!

There you have it! Only 2 more days until the challenge is over!
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Color Club Antiquated + Jordana Green Glitz

Hi readers!

This post isn't very exciting, but I will try to make up for that in future posts...so thanks for sticking with me anyway. :)

This turned out to be my mani for St. Patrick's Day, even though I had a lot more exciting things in mind. My life is just so busy at the moment. :O 

The base is Color Club Antiquated with 2 coats of Jordana Green Glitz. I highly recommend these new Jordana Glitters, there is such a huge variety to choose from and they are all pretty unique.

Thanks again for sticking with me through the not so exciting posts! :)
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All That Glitters Very Peacock- ish

Hello everybody! 

Today I am showing you a swatch of a polish from Etsy seller All That Glitters. I was lucky enough to get in on most of the crazy popular Etsy sellers polish before they really exploded...but there are now more cropping up lately that I am having a harder time getting my hands on. :(

Anyway, this is Very Peacock-ish. To me, this is reminded me more of a mermaid, but this is only one coat. I have been hesitant to do more than that with glitters because I hate removal, but I think with this one I should have sucked it up and done it justice with a few more coats!

I used a coat of NYX Soft Teal as underwear even though this polish has a sheer blue base. Also, this polish has the bigger glitters that you have to work harder to place, but it's not that big of a deal.

If you haven't checked out All That Glitters yet, you should! There are some really cool polishes in her shop! What do you think about Very Peacock-ish?
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Black & White 10 Day Challenge Day 7: Glitters

Hi guys! I took an unexpected break from blogging this weekend, but I am hoping to get back in the swing of things again this week! 

This is Day 7 of the Black and White challenge I have been participating in. The task is black and white with glitters, so I thought this polish fit the bill. It's Voodoo Doll from Nail-venturous Nail Lacquers! Sadly, I really hate how my application of this turned out. I got lazy and didn't feel like removing my previous mani (Essie Navigate Her and btw I LOVE this color), so I layered Voodoo Doll on top. Which wouldn't have been an issue, but I didn't paint neatly enough to cover the green. Blah.

So I took this off pretty quick and changed my mani entirely, but I hope to wear VooDoo Doll again soon and really do it justice because it is an amazing polish!
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Zoya Ali+ Nostalgic Lacquer Riot

Hey hey! How' s everyone? For the record, I am SUPER jealous of any of you that are experiencing warm weather right now. No matter how many pairs of strappy sandals I buy, it's still not getting warmer where I live. I am ready for spring yesterday!  

So I think I have been wearing brighter colors because of that lately. And Zoya Ali is the perfect bright color!

Next I topped Ali with Nostalgic Lacquer's Riot. I love this glitter...it's very unique. I also put a coat of Sally Hansen Glass Slipper on, but it sort of got lost. The other thing I wanted to mention was that removal really wasn't that bad!

Thanks for reading!
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Revlon Colorstay Rainforest + NYX Gilded Glitter

Hi everyone!

I guess it's about that time to be posting some green manicures since St. Patricks Day is upon us. I love wearing greens so this shouldn't be too hard. So for my first St Patrick's Day look, I used Revlon Colorstay polish in Rainforest. I love this green and the fleck shimmer/glitter had me sold!

I thought that NYX Gilded Glitter would be the perfect compliment to Rainforest and I was not dissapointed! If I knew any better I would get a backup bottle of Gilded Glitter. It's a go to layering polish for me that looks great over just about anything!

Have you started doing any green manis yet? 
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Black & White 10 Day Challenge Day 5: Black on Color

I am finally getting around to posting! I hate when I am so busy there isn't time to blog. But I didn't want to miss a challenge post...so here it is! This is Day 5 and we are now halfway through. The task for today was black on color. I let my husband come up with this mani since he was actually home and was in the mood to be creative.

So here is the first layer of the mani. Index to pinky: Orly Fresh, Frisky, Frolic, and Zoya Lolly. 

Using an assortment of black glitters, Dustin quickly put together a cute topcoat for me. Very fun!

What would you ladies think about a glitter mix on You Mix like this?

Don't forget to see what the others participating have done for today's challenge!

                                                                      Colores de Carol 

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Some of My Beauty Favorites

Hi guys! Once again, the weekend is over WAY too quick! :(

So I know I did a lot of beauty related posts last summer and fall, but I have since gotten out of the habit. That doesn't mean that I haven't been trying lots of new products though! I like these types of posts other bloggers do, so I though I'd share some of mine. Over the past year, I have discovered new products that are now go to products for me. I won't share all of them today, but maybe in the future I will if you guys like that sort of thing.

So first up is Banana Boat Summer Color Self Tanning lotion. Last summer I used Loreal Sublime Bronze, but have since been converted to this stuff and like it much better! It works for any skin tone and really gives you an amazing glow that turns you brown, not orange. It's not streaky and the formula is tinted so you can see where it goes. It gives a noticeable glow after just one application. I also use this on my face.

Next is ELF Cream Blush. So far I have tried Heartbreaker, Seductress, and Tease and I love them all. I use ELF's stippling brush to apply these and that makes it foolproof because those brushes dispense the product well so you don't get too little or too much. The cream blush/stippling brush combo create a nice airbrushed finish and it lasts for pretty much all day on me. The other thing I love is that you get a TON of product for only $6.
My next go to is the Bead Head Wave Artist. This is similar to a 3 barrel iron, but creates a deeper wave that is less crimpy looking. This has ceramic plates and you can set the temperature so that helps minimize damage. These waves last until I wash my hair next...they sort of loosen up after the first day which is how I prefer them, but I pretty much have to do nothing to my hair for the next 3 days and it still looks great! This also works really fast, it only takes me 15 minutes to do my whole head and my hair is pretty long.

This is a product that I have had the chance to try through Bloom.com's sample program a few times.  I have been using Loreal Magic Perfecting Base, but I love this Pop Beauty Face Magnet Primer a lot more. Face Magnet really helps my makeup stay on and looking good all day. I just need a small coin size amount spread over my face to get a nice, fresh canvas for my makeup. I definitely plan on buying it once my Loreal runs out.

Next is ELF Eyelid Primer. This product is only a dollar and it works so well! I hardly ever have eyeshadow creasing, even at the end of the day when I use this. I have used Smashbox's Photo Finish Lid Primer before and definitely prefer the formula of the ELF to it. I really have nothing bad to say about this, and you can't beat $1!

And finally, my most recent favorite, the BeautyBlender. At first I thought it was just an extremely overpriced sponge, but I finally caved and bought it and have no regrets. In fact, I haven't used anything else to apply my foundation or concealer since I got it! The key to success when using this, for me anyway, is to use pretty warm water when saturating the sponge. I find that this helps "melt" my foundation flawlessly onto my face. The reason I like the BeautyBlender so much is because it makes applying foundation foolproof. It always gives even coverage and never let's foundation become cakey. Really, it makes it so it's not obvious that you have foundation on, which is what we all want. I also like the pointed tip for concealer around the eyes. 

So those are my recent favorites! Have you guys tried any of these products? I would love your feedback on whether you care to see these sort of posts ever again. :)
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