Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Poolside Paradise Swatches and Review

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Sally Hansen has a new Miracle Gel collection for summer called Poolside Paradise and I've got 4 of the 7 shades to show you today. This is my first experience with the brand's Miracle Gel line so I was excited to give these a try!

Pink-A-Colada is a bubblegum pink. A little on the sheer side, I believe I did 4 coats. If your nails aren't permanently stained like mine, 3 would probably do the trick.

Rum Punch is a deep medium pink. This is 2 coats.

Swimsical is a saturated teal blue. 2 coats.

And the best for last, my favorite, Life's a Peach. This isn't quite a neon but still very bright. Loving this as a pedi right now!

If you appreciate the longevity that the Miracle Gel line offers, this collection has some great picks for summer color. These retail for about 9.99/bottle and can be found anywhere Sally Hansen is sold.

*Product sent for review in exchange for my honest opinions.
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Zoya Paradise Sun Swatches and Review

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I've got the other half of Zoya's summer collection today, called Paradise Sun. These polishes all  have a shimmer, though it's not all the same type like Zoya typically does in a collection. So that's kind of cool they are mixing it up but I do like when everything matches. ;)

Genesis is a shimmery white. I did 3 coats. It takes some care and effort to make sure this doesn't look streaky but the end result is so pretty!

Mae is a bright hot pink with a larger sparkle throughout. I did 2 coats.

Aphrodite is an orangey/red with some amazing shimmer flecks in it. This one has a ton of depth and  is almost a jelly. 3 coats.

Oceane is a mesmerizing bright blue. This one is borderline metallic and so gorgeous. 2 coats.

Selene is a bright emerald green. This shimmer in this one is a mix between Oceane and Mae. 2 coats.

And finally, Isa. I love this blue based purple and the blue shimmer it has. 2 coats.

Another fabulous collection from Zoya! You can find them at zoya.com for $9/bottle.

*Products sent for review in exchange for my honest opinions.
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Zoya Island Fun Swatches and Review

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It's time for a new collection from Zoya! After all my years of polish collecting, I still look forward to what they have in store for each season. Today, I'm showing you the Island Fun collection and I'll have the Paradise Sun collection up soon!

The running theme I noticed in these is that they are all very saturated colors. Lots of depth. A cool take on the summer brights we usually see.

Jace is a grassy green. This was the wateriest of the bunch. I did 3 coats.

Cecilia is a gorgeous teal. This has a lot more depth to it than my camera picked up. So pretty. 2 coats.

Talia is a deep blue/turquoise shade. 2 coats. Since I was swatching these all at once, I took this polish off as soon as I was happy with a photo of it and in the maybe 5 minutes I had it on, there was some major staining happening. On the nail and on the skin during removal. Hopefully a base coat would help that issue (I don't use one while swatching).

Serenity is a lovely purple shade. It's leaning a lot more blue here than it is in person though. Darn purples are so hard to photograph! 2 coats.

Nana is a deep magenta. Love this one for the name...that's what my kids call my mom. ;) Also this is practically a one coater!

And finally, Demetria. A bright, tomato red. 2 coats.

The Island Fun collection is available at Zoya.com and retails for $9/bottle.

What shades are your faves?

*Polish sent for review in exchange for my honest opinions.
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It's A Nail by Incoco Applique Review

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I'm a fan of nail appliqués when they are cute and easy to apply. In my experience, the ones made from real nail polish are the easiest to apply and most natural looking. 

Today I am showing you some designs from It's a Nail by Incoco. I had no issues applying these and I actually enjoyed the process...and that's not been the case with a number of other strips I've tried in the past! It wasn't difficult for me to find the correct sized strip for each nail and they smooth on quite nicely...no bubbles or ripples at the edges. Just remember to be careful when handling them because they are thin and can rip easily with too much adjusting. I only experienced that a couple times.

I can never find a nail strip that perfectly covers my very curved, wide nails. There's usually a little space left uncovered on the sides of some nails and while the It's a Nail strips still left an uncovered edge, it was minimal. That said, I always paint a matching base color with polish before I apply any strips. This also helps with keeping my tips wrapped, an area strips don't really cover.

I tried 3 designs and here they are!

Tea Party

Way to Go

Rock n Roll

I am currently wearing Rock n Roll. I applied them on Sunday, so it's almost been a week and there has been no chipping or peeling. Very impressed.

You can purchase the It's a Nail appliqués from itsanail.com. Besides nail art designs, there are solid colors and accent nails to choose from. Best part? A full manicure set is only $7.99!

I would definitely recommend these strips to anyone for ease of use, lasting power, and great price.

*Product sent for review in exchange for my honest opinions.

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