Green Gradient + GlitterDaze Daddy's Girl

Good morning!

I recently decided to try a gradient tutorial using a sponge that I found on Pinterest and was very impressed with how easy the whole thing was. I can't wait to experiment with more combos!

For this mani I used OPI Thanks a Windmillion and Sally Hansen Insta Dri Mint Sprint for the gradient. It's pretty subtle, but I still like how smooth it came out. I layered Daddy's Girl from GlitterDaze on top. (FYI, this polish is going to be discontinued along with some others soon, so get them while you can!) I liked this topcoat a lot (it's kinda reminds me of a pink and black version of CTD) but I wish there was just a more glitter in the bottle because it was a little sparse. 

I feel like I didn't get to capture the glitter in it's true form in photos for some reason. It definitely looks better in person. Hate it when that happens! :P
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China Glaze I'm With the Lifeguard + Orly Mermaid Tale

Hello everyone!

I had a really bad break on one of my nails a while back, so I have been sporting some obscenely short nails lately. But I got to start over fresh and sometimes that's nice. 

Today, I am showing you ChG I'm With the Lifeguard and Orly Mermaid Tale layered. These polishes were made for each other! The perfect compliment. I added some stamping with Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Teal-y Fast to complete the look.

Hopefully you guys can bear with me while my nails are growing back! :)
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OPI Mad as a Hatter

Hey readers!

Today I am showing you a swatch of what has become a highly sought after polish. I didn't pay anything too crazy for it...about $15 from a blog sale. I think it was a pretty good deal for a nearly full bottle. This is Mad as a Hatter from OPI: totally gorgeous full coverage glitter!

This was extremely hard to capture in photos! All the colors kept blurring together no matter the lighting or camera setting. But I managed to get a few decent ones I think. This is a really pretty glitter, but it did start peeling off in sheets after about 24 hours. Most glitters don't do that to me.

Either way, I am happy this is finally in my collection!
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KB Shimmer Proud Peacock

Good evening everyone!

I have a fun indie polish to show you guys today. This is my first KB Shimmer and it's called Proud Peacock. This is 2 coats over Sally Hansen Insta- Dri Blue Me Away. What's weird is that I LOVE how this looks in pics, but in person something felt off to me. I think it's the large black glitters. I feel like they throw off the color scheme of this polish. This is a super pretty polish but I decided it had a better home somewhere else because I probably wouldn't use it again. Speaking of a better home, have you checked out my blog sale? Because I really want to get rid of these bad boys! ;)

How about you? Have you ever had any fickle experiences with indie polishes like I had?
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Skittles Mani ft. Flying Blue Jay by Nailventurous Lacquers

Hey everyone!

I have been sick this weekend, and just found out my sister has mono and I feel like it's only a matter of time before I get it too. :(

So today I am showing you a skittles mani I wore when the heat wave was pretty intense. Looking at it now, I must have been thinking about cooler weather because it seems more fitting to be a wintertime mani! :) Either way, I am a fan of how this turned out:

Thumb and ring: Nailventurous Lacquers Flying Blue Jay
Pointer and Pinky: Born Pretty Silver Shimmer/ and Homemade topcoat with You Mix Glitters
Middle: Wet N Wild  Fast Dry Saved by The Blue with BM stamping

What are your thoughts on the skittles look? Are you a fan or do you like to keep it simple?
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Verve 360 Giveaway Winner!

Hey guys!

I am announcing the winner of my giveaway sponsored by the Verve 360. She has been contacted and has 48 hours to respond before a new winner is chosen. Thanks to all that participated!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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China Glaze Surfin For Boys + Pretty n Polished Phoenix

Happy Saturday everyone!

It's been nothing but a rainy week and today is no different. I am ready for the sun to come out so I can go back to the pool! :P

So once again I kinda fell of the blogging wagon this week. If I am being honest, I just haven't been in the mood. Do you guys have to be in a certain mood to blog? 

Anyway, I am showing you China Glaze Surfin for Boys with some layering. These pics are so NOT color accurate by the way. This is really a hot red shade, but I couldn't get that to show up at all. I think this is the first polish in my collection I have found nearly impossible to photograph. Either way, this polish has a great formula and is super fun and bright.

Surfin for Boys is the perfect underwear for Pretty and Polished's Phoenix! I was so happy with how the 2 looked together once they were on the nail. Perfect for summer, right?

I added a flower fimo slice for a little accent. I like it, but fimos are so hard to get used to because they stick out off my nail. I guess that's a pet peeve of mine. haha

So that's it! Also, I had my giveaway end a couple days ago and I hope to announce the winner this weekend. :)
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Born Pretty Silver Shimmer + Dandy Nails Colorblind^2

Hi readers!

Another long day of pre-filling glitters for You Mix today...we are trying very hard to be open by tomorrow sometime!

I have a lot going on in the mani I am showing you today. After seeing pics though, I am wishing I left the accent finger out. The base for that is WnW InkWell with a stamp, and the rest of my fingers are Born Pretty Silver Shimmer with Dandy Nails Colorblind^2 on top. I love black and white glitters for their versatility and I love square glitters, so naturally I love this polish! The silver from Born Pretty is more like a glitter than a shimmer. It's very concentrated so it only takes about 2 coats to get a full coverage glitter look. Love that.

So other than the accent finger I liked this mani. :) You can find the silver base polish from Born Pretty here. Don't forget to use my code AJ10W21 for 10% off!

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Jade Holo Delirio Rosa + Nail Art

Happy Saturday readers! I hope you all have fun plans!

Today I am showing you a polish from Brazil. The brand is called Jade Holographic and the shade is Delirio Rosa. It's an amazing bright pink holo!! I have always wanted a holo this color so this was love at first sight...the best part is it's only $7.50 from Ninja Polish

Continuing the holo theme, I used China Glaze DV8 to stamp this peacock looking design.

And because I couldn't stop there, I added some dots using China Glaze OMG. Using polishes that all have a holo finish make for some pretty cool nail art, I think!

Also, don't forget to enter my giveaway of Zoya Myrta and Tracie *here*!
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Color Club Daisy Does It + Stamping

Hey everyone!

It's been a crazy day working on You Mix orders...we have probably put in about 12 hours today! But I still try to make time for my polish and blogging hobby otherwise I would really be going crazy. ;)

So for today's mani I used Color Club Daisy Does It as the base. I don't normally like yellow polish, but this one has such gorgeous shimmer I couldn't say no. I used Sally Hansen Insta Dri in Speedy Sunburst to stamp. This is supposed to be a hot pink, but it looks kinda red over the yellow. Dustin says it reminded him of McDonalds. Ummm...not sure if that's a good thing. haha

But McDonalds or not, I still liked it! haha

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Belated 4th of July Mani

Hey hey!

Just a quick little post today to show you the mani I had yesterday for July 4. It's obviously time to get some new white stamping polish...I have always used Konad brand, but do any of you use something else for white that works particularly well?

My base colors are ChG Poinsettia and Orly Stone Cold.

Here's me with my husband and daughter yesterday. We had a good time getting our patriotic outfits together and I also wore these crazy false eyelashes yesterday that were so much fun!

Hope everyone in the US had a great holiday yesterday!
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Patriotic Chevron

Hey everyone!

I hope everyone had a good day. Dustin and I have been busy with You Mix and our internet wasn't working for most of the day so that just made things even crazier. :P

I have another July 4th themed mani for you today. Depending on how much time I have, I hope to have one more to show you tomorrow! Anyway, I am a huge fan of the chevron pattern so this is one (from the 2nd Bundle Monster set) is one of my favorite stamping designs of all time and it looks super cute in patriotic colors. The stamping itself isn't the neatest, but that is only obvious really close up. 

Polishes used: WnW Wild Shine White, China Glaze Poinsettia, and China Glaze Ride the Waves.

I added some rhinstones to add a little something extra and it was just what the mani needed to be complete. :)
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A Zoya Giveaway hosted by The Verve 360 Hair Salons in Pittsburgh!!

Good morning!

I have a little giveaway for you guys today...it's been a while since I had one! 

The Verve 360 hair salons in Pittsburgh is kind enough to be sponsoring this one. Up for grabs is both Zoya Myrta and Tracie from this year's Beach and Surf collection that will go to one lucky winner! You can enter below, but please keep in mind this is open to US only and excludes Hawaii and Alaska. Good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

I will be back later today with my regular post...see you then!

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Zoya Kimmy + Color Club Orna-Minted

Hey there!

Today I have an easy 4th of July mani to show you. I hope to come up with a more exciting one with nail art for the actual day. 

This is Zoya Kimmy as the base. I haven't used this polish in a while, but I fell in love all over again! The bottle has lots of golden shimmer that sort of overtakes the red color which was a turn off for me, but once on the nail it was just a gorgeous metallic red! Sooo pretty. I layered Color Club Orna- Minted on top. I forgot how blingy this is in just one coat! 

I love doing holiday manis...can't wait to see what you guys come up with too! :)
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China Glaze Pink Plumeria + A Franken


Just a quick post today...this is China Glaze Pink Plumeria with a super cute franken by a friend layered on top. It has sort of a milky base so the neon got cancelled out, but it still looks good. 

Thanks for reading!
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