Essie Penny Talk + Hit Polish Precious Metal

Hi everyone!

I hope you are all having a great Saturday! Dustin and I did a mini Amazing Race this afternoon with some little girls from our church and I think we had more fun than they did. haha

I have a bunch of Hit Polishes that keep accumulating because Rachel won't stop putting out awesome polishes and I won't stop buying them. HA!

So with that said, I am showing you Essie Penny Talk with Precious Metal from Hit Polish. I am disappointed in my photos...I had a hard time capturing this for some reason. Also Penny Talk did this weird crinkling thing on my ring finger. Maybe if I would have chosen a different base? I don't know...

I liked the mixed metal look of Precious Metal. It's a little out of my comfort zone and I think that's why it intrigued me.

What other base color would you use with Precious Metal?

**PS...Hit Polish minis are on sale 10% off right now until tomorrow at 3pm! Definitely a good reason to pick up some if you have been eyeing any!!

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Saran Wrap Nail Art + Baby Nails!

 Hi polish lovers!

My little almost 2 year old decided that getting up at 5:30 am this morning was a good idea so I am posting extra early today! Pretty sure I am gonna crash later though. :/

I have my first saran wrap mani to share with you today. It was an easy technique that I think anyone can do. I chose a fast dry polish to paint over my base color and I wasn't able to get the saran wrap method to work the traditional way, which you can find here. Instead, Dustin had the idea to dab the saran wrap in polish on a paper plate and that worked out pretty well. Here is the end result:

My base color is Zoya Arizona and I used Sally Hansen Insta Dri Speedy Sunburst as my saran wrap accent. Can you tell I am not quite ready to let go of my bright, summer colors? haha

As my post title mentioned, I have some baby nails for you too! It's been a while since I have done Taylee's nails because she can't stay still and always has to touch the polish while it's wet but she always wants me to paint them (what else would you expect from an almost 2 year old?!). Enter the Essie Mirror metallics that dry super fast...she was good to go immediately after painting and her nails were super cute. :)

Have any of you tried the saran wrap mani before?

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Essie Nothing Else Metals + Stamping

Hi guys!

Dustin and are are super busy preparing for You Mix's reopening this week, so this post is gonna be short and sweet.

I found most of the Essie Mirror Metallics on a blog sale for $4 bucks each and Nothing Else Metals was one of those. Gotta love blog sales! The Essie metallics are awesome. They do best without a basecoat and they dry really fast! I stamped a houndstooth pattern and the end was result looked really cool with the metallic base. For some reason my pics are a little grainy so they aren't as good as what I usually come up with, but you get the idea!

How do you feel about the Essie metallics? Are you a fan?
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Zoya Natty + Hit Polish Nautical Nonsense

Hey everyone!

I scheduled this post for today since I knew I was gonna be a little more busy. I didn't want to skip a day since I have got so much to show you! It's kind of ridiculous how many untrieds I have right now. But I'm sure some of you know how that goes. ;)

I have another polish from Hit Polish (previously D & R Apothecary) called Nautical Nonsense. Cute name and it totally makes me think of boats and sailing. I did about one coat and placed a few glitters where I wanted them to get this coverage. I layered this over Zoya Natty and was very pleased with how this combo turned out.

This isn't your typical glitter combination but it works! That's why I love Hit polishes because there is such a wide variety of glitters that make me push my comfort zone and fall in love with combos I would have never thought of before.

Rachel puts out new stuff pretty much every week! I love it. haha She seriously has a ton of polish to choose from. She recently had a sale, so her stock is a lot lower than normal, but be sure to check back because it won't be long before there are more pretties available!

What do you ladies think of Nautical Nonsense? Would you wear it?

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Kleancolor Metallic Pink + Lush Lacquer Pink Panther

Good morning!

I hope you all had an awesome weekend! It's never long enough for me. :)

You will probably notice that my blog got a makeover...more info on that in a later post! I am still ironing out a few details but I am loving it!

I have a very pink layering combo to show you today. This is Kleancolor Metallic Pink and Lush Lacquer's Pink Panther. I feel like my base color overwhelmed Pink Panther a bit but it's still a cute girly look, which I am always a fan of!

Lush Lacquer is debuting 19 new colors for Halloween/ Fall today and I am SO excited to see them. I have loved pretty everything I have seen from them in the past and I am sure I will feel the same about these. You can check out Lush Lacquer's Etsy shop *here*.

Thanks for reading!

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Orly Frisky + Nailventurous Lacquers Burst of Blue

Hi everyone! Happy Friday!

So I am showing you a polish from Nailventurous Lacquers (Floam also comes from this line) called Burst of Blue. I bought this quite a while ago back when Amy was still selling on Etsy. I moved shortly after I got my order and this got lost in the shuffle to the point where I forgot I had it until I found it again recently! Crazy, right?!

I layered 2 coats over Orly Frisky. I notice that Amy uses a lot of this bow stamp in her nail art and it's one of my faves too, so I thought it was fitting to use in this mani. ;) I used Color Club Cold Metal for the bow. Using the flash on my camera was the only way to make it stand out, unfortunately.

Here is a shot without flash:

I really like this polish and the combo of glitters within it. Next time, I would probably put it over another color so that the blue could stand out a little more.

Are any of you lucky enough to own some Nailventurous polishes?

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Coastal Scents Lily Pad + Hit Polish Retro Chic

Hi readers!

Have you ever heard of Coastal Scents? They have a bunch of eyeshadow palettes, nail polish and lots of other makeup items. They have great specials as well. Right now, the Ultra Shimmer Palette  with 88 colors is only $9.95! I recently made an order from them and that was one of the things I got and I love it! I also ordered one of their nail polishes. The line is called Coat and there are a ton of colors to choose from. These are also on sale for .99 right now too!

 So all that to tell you that's where my base color came from. haha It's called Lily Pad and it's an awesome mint green. The formula was great on this, especially for a pastel. I topped it off with Hit Polish Retro Chic (huge fan of the brand, but I didn't have to tell you that!). There are some satin matte minty glitters in here that got a little disguised by the minty base so that was kinda sad, but this is a super cute topcoat!

Do you like this combo? Do any of you happen to own Retro Chic?

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Oopsie Daisies Nail Polish: Soldier of Fashion

Hello hello!

We are almost through another week and I am already looking forward to the weekend. haha

My post today features an indie (no surprise there!) from Oopsie Daisies Nail Polish. I am fairly new to the brand but so far I like what I see! 

I am showing you Soldier of Fashion today. It's a perfect fall polish and I love that the base is tinted enough so that you could get full coverage if you wanted, which is what I chose to do here. As much as I love my versatile indie glitter topcoats, the full coverage, one step option is refreshing! So let's take a look!

I love teal so this is an automatic favorite of mine. The formula was fabulous: easy to work with, dries quickly and not too think or thin. I think I did 3-4 coats to get full coverage but using a base color would cut down that amount. I like the look of the suspended glitters between all the coats though.

Soldier of Fashion reminds me a little of Deborah Lippmann's Across the Universe, so if you like that one you are sure to like this one as well!

Tell me what you think! Have you checked out Oospie Daisies Nail Polish before?

For more info on Oopsie Daisies check out the Etsy shop and Facebook page. :)

This polish was sent to me for review in exchange for my honest opinions.
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The Polish Bar: Rainbow Jello

Hey readers! 

Today is the first sorta cooler day we have had this month...as much as I love summer, I love boots and leggings season! ;)

Today I am showing you an indie polish that comes from The Polish Bar called Rainbow Jello. I LOVE this polish! It's just so happy! I layered 2 coats of Essie Marshmallow and then 2 coats of Rainbow Jello. Marshmallow is the perfect base to show Rainbow Jello off. I tried a more opaque white first, but it didn't do this beauty justice.

So even though this is called Rainbow Jello, it reminds me a lot of Funfetti cake. More specifically, this recipe! I could practically smell these when applying this polish...I love 'em.

Rainbow Jello is the perfect combo of colors and glitters in a sparkly milky base (the tiny sparkles in the base are my fave!). I just love it. So much, that I couldn't decide between these bottle shots, so you get two. haha

 Have you guys checked out The Polish Bar before? How many of you are loving Rainbow Jello as much as me? :)

Visit The Polish Bar's Etsy shop (there is a Halloween collection!) and her Facebook page to stay updated on all things polish!

*This polish was sent to me for review in exchange for my honest opinions.
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Indie Extravaganza 1500 Follower Giveaway Winners Announced!

Hey guys!

Here are the winners of my 1500 Follower Giveaway! If you are a winner I will be emailing you in the order Rafflecopter chose you so you can let me know which prize you prefer. You will have 24 hours to respond before a new winner is chosen.

  a Rafflecopter giveaway
Thanks to all those that entered! I will be back later today with a regular post. :)

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Pastel/Metallic Nail Art

Good morning! Hope you all had an awesome weekend! I got to go to see The Fray and Kelly Clarkson concert on Saturday and it was SO good! 

So I got the idea for this nail art look from Nail Stories a while back. She has got an awesome blog with great pictures and fun nail art. I loved the look of metallic with the pastel dots...it's so simple but definitely makes a statement!

Another reason I like this look is that all it takes is a dotting tool! Here are the colors I used: Orly Lemonade, OPI Pink Friday, China Glaze Peachy Keen and Sweet Hook. The base is a metallic silver from LA Colors that I got from the Dollar Store. This has a great metallic formula!

So, do you guys like this design? 

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Hit Polish Shockwave

Happy Friday everyone! I hope you all have plans for a relaxing weekend!

I have another polish from one of my favorite indie brands to show you today. This is Shockwave from Hit Polish. I believe that this was discontinued but then brought back again because of demand. I'm glad it was because I would hate to show you a polish that you couldn't get your hands on!

I layered 1 coat over China Glaze Elephant Walk. This combo is perfect! Shockwave has an awesome formula: no digging for glitter and everything placed just right on its own. This is a very eye catching polish...love it! I also layered 1 coat of Gelous over this before my topcoat and this baby was so smooth and glassy. I get too lazy to do an extra step all the time when doing my nails, but this is sooo worth it when you want your glitter polish to really look amazing.

I love all the tiny bars in here!

Are you guys loving this polish as much as I am?

Be sure to check out Rachel's shop...she has over 60 polishes available to choose from!

Also, don't forget you have the chance to win 3 minis from Hit Polish and lots more in my Indie Extravaganza giveaway that ends in 4 days!!
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Born Pretty Store Black Polish + Nail Art

Hey guys!

I recently got some items from Born Pretty Store to review and this one didn't disappoint! This is a black polish with pretty gold fleck type glitter in it. I did 2 coats here and the formula was great!

The gold fleck in this polish inspired me to continue the gold into some nail art. I have been saving this mani from ColorfulBottle for inspiration and now was the perfect time to finally make the idea reality! First, I sponged the tips with Orly Luxe and used it to stamp a cheetah print design. I love the look the fade gives to the design!

This is a pretty simple nail art idea and it marries 2 of my favorite methods of nail art! 

You can find the base polish I used *here* and the stamping plate I used *here*. 

 Don't forget, you can use code AJ10W21 to get 10% off also!

So, what do you think of this mani?
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Kleancolor Chunky Holo Black

Good morning readers!

I have been a lot more in to layering than nail art lately, I hope you guys do mind! 

I recently got a bottle of Kleancolor's Chunky Holo Black. This is an awesome polish for an instant wow factor mani when you don't have a lot of time. This polish has a dark-ish base with multi sized color shifting glitters throughout. As you can see in my pics, they go from green to yellow to orange with a few colors in between if you are really looking. I am pretty sure I put 1 coat over Sally Hansen Insta Dri Grape Escape.

I think I captured most of the colors you see in this pretty glitter. It's one of those manis that you can't stop looking at!
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Forever 21 Leopard Print Nail Decals

Hello guys! Hope you all had a fabulous weekend. Mine was relaxing and included a couple naps so that's always a plus. ;)

I was buying some jewelry online from Forever 21 recently and couldn't help but check out the nail section. They have a pretty extensive selection of nail polish at a cheap price but I was intrigued by these nail stickers and they were only $1.80 so I had to give them a try. So here is the design I chose...actually this might have been the only one.

So at first glance and from a distance these look pretty good. If you look closer though, they look kinda fake and not all the edges are laying down flat. I had some issues with application because there wasn't a good size selection for my nails, but other than that they went on ok. I only kept these on for a day because they were bothering me too much. haha 

If you wanted to wear these for a special event or something I would say go for it, but I wouldn't recommend them for long term wear. With the price though, you can't go wrong!

What are your thoughts on these? Have any of you tried them?
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