Valentine's Nails Part III

FINALLY! I have to say I was getting pretty sick of Valentine's Nails...I felt so restricted! So this is the last one that I actually had on Valentine's Day. I like this one a lot, it just took forever! I stamped on the image, and then used a 3d nail art paint from Born Pretty to make the dots pink. So tedious, but I guess the result is worth it! Now I am free to do whatever design I want! yessss. Also I know these pic could be better. But since I am a broke college kid with a husband and baby, a super nice camera isn't high on our priority least right now. Maybe one day! PS Dustin I know you will read this...don't get any crazy ideas!!!

Polish: ELF Black stamped with Orly Luxe
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  1. Wow, you both are really talented. Too bad you are too far!


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