Betsey Johnson Inspired

This post is a WELCOME break from the 10 page paper I have due tomorrow. Unlike this post, it's been painfully hard to write! I am very happy that there are 2 1/2 weeks left in this semester and I'm DONE!!! I'm not excited or anything...
On to the point of why you are here! This mani reminds me of Betsey Johnson, and like so many other things, if my budget allowed, I would indulge in her stuff often...like this beauty:

The base for this look is Zoya Penny. So far, the Zoyas I own don't disappoint when it comes to unique color and easy application. Penny is not as orangy as this picture shows...it looks exactly like a shiny new penny! Go figure! I forgot to do a base coat with this color because I haven't been very religious with that habit anyway and this color turned my nails the most nasty yellow! I know it's my own fault, but I have to say some of my Zoyas are the only polishes I have that so intensely stains nails! That scrapped my plans for my next idea...a french tip using foils. Hopefully soon!

The design is stamped using Konad plate M56 and 57 using Konad special polish in black and white.

This is after a few days of wear. I had rhinestones on the middle of the bows that perfectly matched Penny, but by the time I actually got around to taking pics they had all fallen off!

P.S. I took advantage of Zoya's promo today and I can't wait for the new polishes to get here! I wish I would have gotten a few more after I had actually ordered, but with the way Zoya loves their fans, I'm sure this isn't the last time they will have such a great promo!
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