Claire's Holo

I have been coveting some holographic nail polish for a while now but can't bring myself to pay the high price of them on ebay. If I wasn't a broke student with a hubby and baby you know I would be!! They aren't in stores really so I was very excited to find  gold and silver holo top coats at Claire's of all places! They work pretty well on their own though not just as a topcoat.

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  1. Cute! I love holo glitter!

    I have 4 holos so far... I swatched Nfu Oh 63 today!

    -Amber @ Rainbows&Sparkles

  2. Oh, and you can get Nfu Oh holo at fabuloustreet.com. $12.50 a pop... still pricey, but not as bad as ebay, and their shipping is cheap!

  3. Awesome I will have to check it out!


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