My Weakness...

...is blue-green/teal/turquoise polish. I'm pretty sure that makes up the bulk of my collection. So that explains why this color reminds me of Zoya Charla. But it's not near as sparkly and the application was a pain. That being said I still love the color! It's Claire's Glam.


        This is before stamping...thus the messiness. You can also see that the color didn't go on evenly even though this is 3 coats and it was a real pain to take off...especially with no pure acetone on hand!

I used Konad stamping plate M64 with Konad Special Polish in White. As always, credit to Dustin for stamping!

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  1. You and me both have fallen prey to the gorgeousness that is teal/turquoise, etc. I love this manicure!

  2. Oh man...for some reason those colors just make me happy! haha


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