Milani Blue Flash

Hey everyone! I feel like it's been forever since I last posted, and I miss you guys! :) As most of you know I traveled to my parent's house this week so I can get some help with my baby while I have mono. So these past fews days have been filled with recovery and getting her adjusted to all her new surroundings.

I mentioned on my Facebook page yesterday that I am still sorting through the results for my giveaway. I really really really wanted to announce the winner ASAP, but given my circumstances right now it will take longer than anticipated. Just know I haven't forgotten about it!

Ok now with all that housekeeping out of the way, on the the nails! I am disappointed in the pics I got, that's why there aren't many. I previously showed you Silver Dazzle from Milani's One Coat Glitters, and this is Blue Flash. It's more gritty than Silver Dazzle, and you can definitely see that here. 

And sadly, here is the only decent picture of the final result. This mani desperately needed Seche Vite on top to combat the grittiness of this glitter, but mine has gotten too thick to use. :( I could barely stand wearing this mani for very long because of that! This is Konad plate M78 stamped with Konad White. Zoya Ali was used to fill in the dots with a dotting tool.

I apologize for not posting more, but I still love you guys and hope you stick with me! :)
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  1. Sticking with you for sure! Life gets crazy sometimes, we all know that, so no worries if you need to take time out for "real life". :) Beautiful nails, fun colours.

  2. Gorgeous nails and the stamping is wonderful !

  3. OMG the stamping is STUNNING. The little pink dots really give that manicure a nice twist.

  4. That polish might be gritty, but it's quite pretty and shiny! Love the stamping done over it too. I hate it when top coat gets too thick, but if you have another bottle that's at least half full as well, combining both bottles together helps to bring it back to normal consistency.

  5. Wow!! That color sure it glittery. The konad looks amazing btw, definitely going to try that out. :)

  6. Thanks for your understanding, and I am happy ya'll like it!
    @Amanda- I broke down and finally ordered another bottle of Sech Vite...so no more gritty polishes for me!!

  7. love the nail art with this glitter!! Looks great! I love this sort of glitter polishes!!

  8. @Beauty Addict- I am so obsessed with full coverage glitters right now too...I seriously can't get enough!


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