LA Girl: Iron Red

Hey ladies! I am on my trip visiting my family now, but I still have lots to show you during that time! 

So today I am showing you LA Girl Iron Red, which is supposed to be a metallic. I picked this one up at Fred Meyer...it was my first time going there and for my area at least, it was a treasure trove of brands I didn't think were locally available! Love it when that happens! haha This color is perfect in one coat...I think it almost looks like a coral/pink.

This combo was created by my lovely husband. This is LA Girl Glitter Addict in Uninhibited. A real funky black glitter, but I think the effect is cool. I saw this on another blog a while back and they compared it to how dirt looks...which it's kind of true! :P

Finally, here is the stamping design. We dotted the tips of the cupcakes, but it doesn't show very well. I think the overall look is whimsical though! 

Hope you enjoyed today's post and always thank you for reading! <3
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  1. You totally sold me on this combo...before I even left this comment I found these colors from an online site and ordered them! LOL! It looks amazing!

  2. I LOVE LOVE the black polish!!!!! I want this soooo bad.... I just looked over to my husband and said I am getting this!

  3. I just google searched this polish to see where I can buy it. I can't really find anything about this polish. Where did you buy it?

  4. it looks so cute~ I love the red polish you have here!

  5. @thenailaholic- Thanks!!
    @Erika- It's a fun combo...bet you can't wait to try it!
    imfeelingnail-venturous: I got it from cherryculture.com everything is such a good deal there and they have tons more la girl glitters to choose from!
    nailderella- Thanks so much!

  6. I normally don't like metallic polish but that one is so beautiful, although I prefer to see it with the black glitter!

  7. Ooh! I really like the look of the red and black together!
    I hope you enjoy visiting your family.
    There's an award waiting for you on my blog!

  8. @Filipa- I'm glad you like it! I always like when you end up liking something you never thought you would.

    @Laura- Thanks! I will be sure to check it out!


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