Milani HD Cyberspace

Morning all! :) Just a swatch today...Milani HD Cyberspace. This is a pretty holo polish...not as strong as ChG OMG, or even Kaleidoscopes though. The flash didn't bring out as much holo as my desk lamp did, but pictures don't turn out true to color with that lighting. And there hasn't been a whole lot of sunlight lately so maybe I should have waited to wear this polish??

Well here it is anyways!

This is 3 coats...I was expecting the formula to be similar to OMG polishes, but it was not as fast drying as those which I didn't like. It also had a shiny smooth finish rather than the "flat" finish of the OMGs.

Thanks for reading! <3
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  1. I just hi-res & this is just as beautiful as hi-res

  2. To be honest, I used to stay away to polish which is to sparkly but this one... oh my! It stays so good in the nails! Good choice. And I'm loving your blog :)

  3. Thanks you guys! :) This is definitely a good find for those on a drugstore budget!!


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