2011 Revlon Glitters

Hi again! So tomorrow is my last day in Tennessee and I am so sad to leave. :( I will miss my family and  letting them have the experience of watching little Taylee learn and grow. That said I am going to be scheduling my posts for the next few days while I am traveling. Our next stop is Arizona.

Anyways, lately there has been some serious buzz in the nail polish community about these new Revlon glitters. So far they have all been spotted at Target and that's where I picked mine up. I am glad I did because these are all glitter heaven!

My favorite is Starry Pink. It's a soft, baby pink with silver glitter suspended in it. You ladies know that I hardly EVER go for shades like this, but I honestly fell in love with it when it was on. I felt so dainty wearing it. :P LOVE.

Next, is Blue Mosaic. This one reminds me a lot of OPI's Gone Gonzo that will be coming out this holiday season. I have this as my pedi right now and I love it! I layered it over Zoya Robyn to reduce the amount of coats needed since this was a thin glitter. I believe this is 2 coats. 

And finally, the polish that has probably generated the most buzz: Facets of Fuchsia. Probably because this is a dupe for Deborah Lippmann's Bad Romance for a much more affordable price. This is 2 coats layered over Wet N Wild Black Creme. It was hard to capture so here's 2 pics for ya.

So what do you think of these? I know I'm a fan! <3
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  1. These polishes are gorgeous, im definitely putting all of these polishes on my wish list. :)
    I love Revlon polishes. 98% of my polishes are Revlon lol :P I dont know why some people dont like em

  2. i cant wait for these to show up in canada!! im wondering, would the blue be Across The Universe-y if put over a deep blue jelly?

  3. I just got all three of these today. Had to hunt them down in my Target. They were actually mixed with the regular line....it was a bit weird. Anyways, I'm going to apply Starry Pink in a few minutes!!

  4. I love all three of them! I hope I get them.

  5. Oh wow! Haven't seen these yet but I am definitely gonna keep an eye out after seeing your swatches. So pretty!

  6. OMG- the last one?! I NEED IT NOW! i wonder when we're getting them because i was at target yesterday and didnt see them. how long ago did you buy them?

  7. Love these. I love glitter polishes & Revlon is a great brand. Have fun & be safe :)

  8. OMG! I am SO going to Target tomorrow!

  9. Beautiful polishes! I fell in love with glitter polishes!:) I wish I had them too:D Good luck!

  10. I must say I'm in love with Facets of Fuchsia. I don't know if this collection will show up in the UK though :(

  11. i picked up the facests of fuchsia the other 2 werent there i will keep looking out for them though :D

  12. @Kirshten- Ya me either!
    @rebecca- You may be on to something!!
    @angie- yep so were these.
    @apolishedtouch- That's what I said too!
    @connie-Good Luck!
    @TENDERHEARTR- Thanks!
    @ami- I bought these last Friday.
    @Ashley- Thanks!
    @Serena Sparklestar- Good luck finding them!
    @Supercutesupereasy- Thank you!
    @Nail Stories- ebay or maybe you could do a swap?

  13. Whoa Facets for the Bad Romance, that's a pretty good ringer! Enjoy your week and travel safe!

  14. love them all I just went to my target and got all of theses!!!!

  15. @Nail Nerd- Thank you...it's been a crazy trip!

    @Shadow- sweet! glad you find them!

  16. Facets of Fuchsia = LOVE! And it could look cool on so many base colors. (adding it to my list of "needs")

  17. @Kay- Yes, these are definitely NEEDS! haha


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