Color Club Pucci licious + A Little Treat :)

   Hi ya'll! Today's post is a random swatch that has been sitting around on my computer for months now so I'm finally going to blog it! 

   This is Color Club Pucci licious from the Poptastic collection I picked up at Ross a few months back. I'm pretty sure these pics are color accurate, but the blue tones in this polish stand out a little more than in person.

   The formula is pretty thick but everything evened out pretty well after a second coat. If you like purples, I think you will like this polish!

And the little treat...my BFF bought this shirt for Taylee...it's covered with polish bottles. How perfect! I thought you guys would appreciate it anyway. :)

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  1. Love, love, love her little shirt! Too cute! I'm going to have to find one for my daughter! LOL

  2. Oh, her shirt is so adorable! She's a little cutie pie!

  3. That shirt is too cute! Love the purple too!

  4. Really cute purple!
    And I want the same t-shirt lol!

  5. Pretty mani =)
    And your daughter is suuuuuper cute =). If she goes missing you know where to search for her =)

  6. Gorgeous color and such a cute shirt for your girl!

  7. Such a cute pic!


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