Pink Wednesday: Color Club Raspberry Rush and Claire's Nail Decals

Hello lovely readers! I haven't posted a pink mani for Pink Wednesday in forever but I have one for you today! (Mostly just by chance, but that's ok.)

This mani's base is Color Club Raspberry Rush from the Wicked Sweet Collection. This was my first encounter with scented polish. I like it a lot and was very surprised by how long the scent lasted. That said, I don't think I would ever buy a polish just because it was scented. What about you??

Besides the scent, this color is AMAZING! I have lots of hot pinks in my collection, but I am pretty sure I have nothing like this. It dries super shiny (the pics are before topcoat). It reminds me of shiny plastic. 

Instead of doing any stamping, we added these nail stickers from Claire's. My husband wanted me to get them, but I was skeptical of the quality. In my opinion, Claire's is overpriced for not that great of quality. Anyway, here's the packaging. I ended up with enough extra to use for accent nails in a few more manis.

And here is the final look! These had a cool texture to them...I was worried it would be obnoxious, but I barely noticed.

All you do is find stickers that fit your nail and apply them. Finish off with a topcoat and you're done! The topcoat seems to be the key in these lasting. I wore these for almost 2 days before there were  any signs of wear. 

I have to say I would defnitely try these again if I ever came across them for a good price (these were a little steep at $7). I love finding new and different ways to spice up my nails! Would you ladies ever use these?

Also, on a slightly unrelated note, Born Pretty has some new Hello Kitty Necklaces that I LOVE! I have a serious soft spot for HK! This baby is only $3.62 and with code FREEL73 you can get 10% off. Great deal! <3

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  1. very blingy!!! I really like it actually.. I bought some nail decals similar to these ones yesterday at Sally Beauty Supply. I might use them today after seeing your mani!

  2. wooooow, these nails look amazing, especially with the nail decals on them

  3. @imfellingnail-venturous- I would love to see what you do with yours!

    @Jo- It is definitely a favorite of mine!

    @Charlotte Elizabeth- Glad you like them...thanks!

  4. amazing nail polish! I love pink and with stickers is this manicure really great:)

  5. The decals wouldn't be something I would go for but surprisingly I think it looks really cute, and that necklace
    Is a steal! Thanks for the info!

  6. @super cute super easy- yay! I am glad you like it!

    @beauxs mom- Ya I normally wouldn't either but they were fun to mix things up!


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