Zoya Yara

How is it going everyone? I'm trying to chill out and watch the Emmy's pre show, but my little baby is making that difficult. Actually, this whole weekend has been difficult. She hasn't let my hubby or me get any sleep...I wish I could just hand her off to someone else for a while! That said, I can only muster the energy to show you a swatch today.

But don't let my unenthusiasm detract from the beauty that is Zoya Yara! This was the only must have for me out of Zoya's new fall colors. It's a pretty army green with gold shimmer flakes. This is 2 coats. 

Well, I'm sorry if you were slightly underwhelmed by me today....hopefully I can get some sleep and be back and better than ever tomorrow!! I have lots to show you!

Also, my giveaway has FOUR days left! Don't forget to enter if you haven't already! <3

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