China Glaze Zombie Zest + Nail Art

Happy weekend! My mom has been here this week and we are going to Utah tomorrow so I will be scheduling posts for you lovely readers for the next couple days. :)

More Halloween nail art today! The base is China Glaze Zombie Zest. I picked this is up at Sally's on clearance at the beginning of this year. It doesn't look like much in the bottle, but it's so pretty on the nail. This polish is a moss green jelly with glass fleck glitters. In the bottle there is a slight duochrome look to it, but that doesn't translate as well on the nail.

This is image comes from the newer set of Bundle Mosnter plates. There are so many fun Halloween designs in that set! Zoya Pippa was applied first in a little blob so that when the image was stamped on top, it looks like the pumpkins are glowing. 

The possibilities are endless for Halloween nail art. It's been fun seeing what you all have done so far too. I have gotten lots of great inspiration from ya'll! 

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  2. Love your idea of Pippa under the stamping!

  3. AAHHH!!! The jack-o-lanterns are soooo adorable! I love this mani!!

  4. Now I am going to have to get the second set of BM plates! Thanks for sharing!

    <3 Shannon

  5. What a great use of that stamp, these are really super (and GLOW!)

  6. I have a question.....how do you ALWAYS get your stamps on your nails perfectly!? I have tried a million times over to get mine to be as perfect as yours, but by the time I get it where I think it's centered the polish dries :(

  7. Thanks ladies!

    @Abby- It takes practice! And sometimes we have to do certain nails over again because they just don't work out. I have been trying to find the time to post a stamping tutorial and hopefully can get it up soon!!


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