Layla Magneffects Polish in Metallic Sky

Hi! How's it going today? I had a nice nap, and brownies just came out of the oven...life is good! :)

Today's polish is a first for my blog. A magnetic polish! I got this from Aveyou.com. It's retail price is $15/bottle and I could never justify that much for one bottle, but I got this with the deal 8moms.com had a while ago so that was justified! 

Magnetic polishes are supposedly the "next big thing". I have even heard it called the next crackle. I have seens ads in various magazines for them, and last month Vogue had an article dedicated to magnetic polish. Could this mean more affordable versions in the future?

This shade is called Metallic Sky. Pretty right? I was mesmerized by this the 2 days I had it on. The magnetic effect is stunning!

Just for reference, here is the magnet on top of the lid. The direction the line on the magnet is facing is the way the lines will go on the nail. I got polish on mine and I have read not to use remover on the magnet because it could ruin it.

I hope to have more colors of magnetic polish in the future. Crackle wasn't a trend I was into, but magnetic polish I can handle! How about you? Have you tried magnetic polish yet?

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  1. I need to get my hands on some of the Laylas! That is beautiful! I posted one of the Nails Inc Magnetics today :D

  2. I have a couple posts on my blog of the LCN magnetic polishes. I really do like them. =)

  3. I'm with you all the way. I don't like the crackle effect on my short nails, but the magnetic would be beautiful...want to try them so bad!

  4. Love the magnetic polish!! I got the Nails inc House of Parliment and love it. Have been playing with the magnet trying to get it to look right. Any sugesstions?

    I just started my own blog-check it out if you get a chance : )

  5. LOVE!!!!! i have the silver glitter one and i love it..& i know i want to get more..def grabbing this one after looking at your swatch :) & i agree with you i hope more brands jum on this bandwagon and start making more affordable versions..my wallet is suffering LOL ps, i ordered one of 2 of ur frankens with a friend.. i cant wait to get em!!! :D

  6. Magnetic polish is so much better than crackle!

  7. Reminds of me spray paint. I'd like to do a multi colored grafitti on that. Have you ever tried permanent markers for nail art? I hatched that idea when I was at the craft store. But I'll need to google it before I actually attempt it. I don't want to end up with ugliness stuck on my hands.

  8. Thanks guys!!

    @Auntheathee- Just make sure you put the magnet as close as you can without touching the polish immediately after painting it on. Other than that, I don't really know what else to tell you. :(
    @Maria- Thanks! We should be shpping them out in the next few days!!
    @Patricia- I haven't tried permanent markers for nail art...I wonder if it would last?


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