More Adoree Nail Polish Swatches + Stamping Plates

Hey everyone! I am finally squeezing a post in today. :)

Remember the last Adoree swatches I showed you? Well I have a few more for ya'll. Just as a refresher, these polishes come from Esther's Nail Center

So first up is Rich Chestnut, a deep terra cotta creme. Not my kind of color to wear on it's own, but I can see this being fun to layer glitters with. Plus, it definitely reminds me of fall! This is 2 coats.

This is Holy Green. I see more blue than green in this polish. It's a thin glitter that is 4 coats in the pic, but you can tell it needs another to be full coverage. This could be used for layering with just one coat. Since it's a glitter, I obviously like it. haha

Next up is Royal Crest. Love the name. This is a dark grape purple shimmer that covers in 3 coats. Believe it or not, I don't have anything exactly like this already!

And finally, my very favorite of the bunch, Flamingo Pink! Once again, love the name, and the fact that it's a glitter is even more amazing. This is 3 coats of pink and silver glitter mixed in a pink jelly base.

This next set of photos shows some of the images from Esther's Nail Center's stamping plate set. These images are from plates B03, B41, B47, B57, B72. The full set includes 19 plates for $15.95. Of the images stamped, none were duds and all stamped well. Good deal huh? 

That's it for now! Thanks for reading!

*Products were sent for review in exchange for my honest opnions.

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  1. I really like that Chestnut color. The others are all very pretty also.

  2. I like pink flamigo too!!! The stamps look great too!

  3. I just adore your post!

  4. I thought about getting those plastic swatch things at Sally's. Sort of as a way to preserve "good design ideas". They are pretty cheap at Sally's Beauty Supply. They also sell a mini uv light nail dryer. I'm curious to try it. Have you?

  5. Oh...And what topcoat are you using? Your nails are sooo glossy?? You should post this answer in your Q&A because I looked there first. ;)

  6. Beautful.... Have you ever heard of PA brand nail polishes?

  7. The blue/green glitter is calling my name.

  8. Thanks ladies!

    @For the sake of giveaways- I have used one to set uv gel on toes before, but not to dry polish. It worked well though!
    Also, these pics don't have topcoat...they are just extra shiny! I usually use Seche Vite or Cult Nails topcoats.

    @saysychick- I have not! Do you have a link I can see some at?

  9. Hi Amber,
    beautiful swatches. Thank you very much. I like them all, especially the brown one. It looks neat and shiny. Keep up the good work. Oh, also love your creativity for Halloween nail art. Do you mind if I post them on my blog or facebook?(blog.esthersnc.com)


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