Win 2 Zoya Polishes from the Smoke and Mirrors Collections!

Hi everyone! I have a little giveaway for you today that will hopefully brighten your Monday! :)

This giveaway is generously sponsored by the Verve 360 salons in Pittsburgh, PA. I am kind of wishing there was a place like this where I live!

Here's what you could win:

Zoya Marina and Zoya Anja!

*This giveaway will end November 20 11:59 pm. 
*All you have to do to enter is be a GFC follower and comment on this post telling my why you love Zoya and what your favorite Zoya color is.
*This giveaway is only open to those in the United States excluding Hawaii and Alaska. 
*The winner will be chosen using random.org.

Good luck and keep an eye out for a nail art post later today! :)

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  1. Hi I'm a follower and I love Nimue.

  2. I only have a few Zoyas so far - but I LOVE the formula, and how often they have new collections (and that they aren't LE so you don't have to rush to get them!) My favorite Zoya polish.. hmmm. Maybe Kristi (since it's a lovely red and also my name!) or Jem - so beautiful!
    Thanks for doing this giveaway!

  3. I love Zoya because they are vegan, wear well and have a ton of shades to choose from! My favourite Zoya is Crystal. :)

  4. I'm a follower via GFC: Shopping Addict / Andrea Trenary, my email is andrea.trenary@gmail.com

    My favorite Zoya is Caitlin or Yara, but I admit to having many many favorites!

  5. I love Zoya so much. The majority of my nail polish collection is now Zoya nail polish because of it's amazing pigmentation, low odor (my bottles barely smell when I open them!), and are free of toxic chemicals that can be quite harmful. Picking just one favorite Zoya is a little hard, but I absolutely love Dannii with Holly a close second!

  6. This post was right on time. My day wasn't going so well. Even if I don't win, it's the thought that counts. So thank you!
    GFC- Ashley
    I love pink, & I'm always painting my nails or doing NOTD's with Lo & Kylie by Zoya :)

  7. GFC: Wendy
    Email: wendy81906@gmail.com

    I love Zoya because they are 4 free and an amazing range of colors and textures/finishes.
    My favorites Zoya polishes would have to be Edyta and Lola.

  8. GFC: Arianne Cruz
    email: cruz042@csusm dot edu

    I love Zoya Jules - I'm wearing it this week! i love taupe colors

  9. GFC: Sally
    Email: Sally@sallytv.com

    I love Zoya Kalista. I love Zoya because it's vegan.

  10. how unfair- I can´t buy zoya anywhere if I even want and I can´t win it too. :(

  11. GFC: Genevieve Milam

    I love Zoya #1 for the fun names and #2 for the application.

    My favorite polish is Neeka

  12. Gfc: nit email: nitn21@gmail.com i loveee zoya cause they dont chip as fast as other np brands and my favorite zoya np is jules!

  13. GFC: pixsydust
    email: nv11@att.net

    My favorite Zoya is Alegra. I love Zoya because it's B3 free and I can wear it while I'm pregnant! The colors are so beautiful and I love the smooth application.

  14. I love Zoya because of many reasons. They have amazing polish and their customer service is unlike any other! I haven't met a Zoya I don't adore.

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  16. I love Zoya because the company helped me rediscover my love of nail polish and got me to start caring about my nails and how they look. My favorite Zoya color has got to be Paz. It's such a lovely shade of orange <3

    GFC - Jenn
    email - seasongdragon[at]yahoo.com

  17. Great giveaway! I love Zoya bc they have good formula (until my last order I never had a bad one). They also have great promos. My fav Zoya is Charla and my GFC is Ace. Thanks!!

  18. sorry my email is ace dot kittyhawk at gmail dot com thanks!!

  19. I love you lol. I really wanted these two. I love Zoya because the color range is so broad, the quality is great, and the bottles are cute lol. My favorite Zoya color ever is Rica.

    (email: itsrainingstars13@hotmail.com)

  20. GFC: Carol
    I love Zoya because of its high quality polish and their creative names. My favorite polish from them at this moment is JEM

  21. Oh Zoya...my nail passion began with a 3 free polishes of choice Zoya promotion! I love the amazing colors, the variety, and the generosity of the company. Trixie and Gabrielle are my two favorites (I was going to go with the one I had less of, but they are both half empty!!).
    GFC: timandcandice
    email: timandcandice @ live dot com

  22. I only have a couple of Zoya's and my favorite is Zara. It's so, so pretty!

  23. gfc: Aithne

    I love the formula, I received Jem during the summer and absolutely love it!

  24. GFC: Fab-La-Icious Nails
    Email: fab.la.icious.nails@gmail.com

    I cant tell you why i love Zoya because i dont own any, i cant purchase it here, but id give my nail painting hand to own it, my polish collection would then me complete...

    Thank you for a great give away and thank you to The Verve 360 salon too xxx

    Hugs Kellie x

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  26. GFC: slanea01
    Email: slanea01@hotmail.com

    I am new to the Zoya lovers family, but they do have a lot of pretty colors. Of the ones that I do have, Izzy is my favorite. It is such a nice shade of pink and I love pink. I also like how they use women names for their colors. Maybe I will get lucky and they will name one after me.

  27. (posting again because I forgot to include my email address)

    GFC: starification
    email: shimmering_madness(at)yahoo(dot)com

    Zoya is one of my favorite brands because the formula is excellent, as well as the wear. And the colors are very unique! My favorite is definitely Gemma.

  28. Hey! I have all of four Zoyas and so far my favorite is Charla....it is SO MY COLOR! You can see it on my blog at www.NoJunkNail.blogspot.com I love the formula of Zoyas and the beautiful colors they have! I would love to add Marina and Anja to my collection!

  29. I love Zoya because of their awesome, healthy polishes, their amazing customer service, and their incredible website. I love their color finder. Their polish descriptions and the fact that they tell you the tone (warm or cool) helps tremendously.

    My summer favorite is Maya and my autumn favorite is Vanessa. I would love to expand my collection of Zoyas to include Marina & Anja.

    Thank you so much for hosting this INCREDIBLE giveaway. You're so generous!

    GFC: Kate
    Fishing4beauty at gmail.com

  30. GFC prncesssarah02
    email prncesssarah02@hotmail.com

    I love zoya because of the names and the colors they are gorgeous I personally do not own any (tear) but i would loooove to own Sarah :) obviously LOL! The swatches I see are just plain amazing!!

  31. GFC: Lee Ann Stoner

    I only have three Zoyas so far, but out of those my favorite is Adina.

  32. GFC: JenClink
    email: clinkenbeard.j@gmail.com

    I LOVE Zoya. I love the depth of their colors, I love the fact that they have a WIDE variety of colors, and I love the fact that they are free of those nasty chemicals. I can paint my 3 year old niece's nails and not have to worry about the chemicals hurting her. Not to mention, their customer service and promos are AMAZING! My favorite color so far is definitely Charla. I love the way it reminds me of the beach and my childhood in Florida. Besides, it's just an incredible, sparkly color.

  33. GFC: b5ley
    I love Zoya because they show customer appreciation so much, have the biggest selection of both traditional and very new and exciting colors. Plus I love all the names. And they're 3free and vegan.
    Hmm favorite Zoya color either Dree or Crystal but I love all the ones I have :)

  34. I love Zoya because of their color range and because they are not smelly like other brands :)... My fave Zoya colors are Shawn and Ivanka !

    (email: abbyneira08@gmail.com)

  35. Hi! Zoya is a beautiful nail polish brand that makes wonderful colors and has a really nice formula, which is why I love it. It is like a salon polish, with no salon price!!! I only own two Zoya's because they're hard to find here, but my favorite is Dove, it's very subtle but still a stand out color

  36. I don't have any Zoya so I can't tell you about the formula or anything. However, I love the variety of colors that they have. They have some beautiful oranges, which is my favorite.

  37. GFC follower: Nina

    I love Zoya's formula, it's one of the most chip-resistant ones I've tried. My favorite color is Envy.

    irina.sagarbarria at gmail dot com

  38. GFC follower: BubblyFairy
    Email: Frbvsb@gmail.com

    I actually do not have any zoyas I have been wanting to try them for awhile just never seem to get to it. But I do love the huge variety of colors available there is something for everyone.

  39. GFC: EugenieV

    I love Zoya because of its quality. My current fav is Jem :)


  40. I'm a follower - Jessica ( frellathon )

    I've never tried Zoya but they have some amazing colors and look so pretty I'd love to try.


  41. GFC follower: Jess Neuman
    Email: jessmneumanis@gmail.com

    I love Zoyas! The colors are beautiful, and it takes forever for mine to chip. I usually end up taking them off before they even get there. My favorite color is definitely Ivanka, the glittery green is just to die for!

  42. I love Zoya because its so easy to apply and lasts so long on my nails without chipping. My favorite color is Caitlin.

    GFC: Sweet As Honey Blog
    Email: sweetashoneyblog@gmail.com

  43. GFC = ter garney/bobbysgeel I love Zoya because it's based in Ohio...not far from where I live. My favorite is Noelle. terandbob(at)gmail(dot)com

  44. Ohhh... Zoya. I love Zoya's amazing formula. Whenever I walk into my hair salon I have to remember I'm there for my hair, not to clear out their stock of Zoya. :D

    GFC: Layle

  45. I only just learned of Zoya so haven't yet had a chance to try it, but Ali and Robyn are right up my alley. Thanks for the giveaway!

  46. GFC:sandragrose
    e-mail: sandragrose(at)hotmail(dot)com

    I love Zoya first because they are an Ohio company and I love to support local business'. I also love the color selection and the application of the polishes

    I adore Kelly. One of my fav colors of all time!

  47. I only have one Zoya, Jana but I love it!
    GFC Arielle

  48. GFC: **katiebug**

    I love everything about Zoya. The cute bottles. the formula, lots of colors to choose from. My favorite color is Neeka!

  49. GFC: Nolitoshy

    I don't have any Zoya, so I would love these to be the first in my collection. Love the colors!

  50. I have loved Zoya since the promo the first of this year when I found them. The polishes are amazing with the colors, wear time and ease of application. Plus Zoya is fantastic to their customers with all the awesome promos they have for us.

  51. i can't get zoya polishes in my area but i look at all the amazing colours on line...hard to pick a favorite but i love rica

  52. GFC: Rebecca Russell

    I love Zoya! The formula rocks, they have amazing colors, it doesn't hurt that they frequently run really good promos. I just wore Shaun for the first time last week and I loved it!

    Thanks for this! :)

  53. GFC: Sarah Crawford

    I love Zoya because their polish is amazing and they always have great deals. I love 'Sarah' because it's my name :)

  54. I love Zoya for 3 main reasons. 1, they really seem to listen to their consumers and have great customer service, not to mention the promos they run regularly. 2, the formula! It's phenomenal. And 3, they come up with some killer, unique, and awesome colors.

    I follow under Kate B. Thanks for the opportunity!

  55. GFC- Kara Lough
    I love Zoya because THEY KICK SERIOUS BUTT in the glitter department!!!!!! My fav color is Rica! Thanks! :)

  56. GFC: Anutka
    email: angalek@gmail.com
    My fave Zoya is Kelly. Love it as a base and love stamping with it... Zoya just rocks because they have an amazing color selection without the nasty chemicals.

    Thanks so much :)

  57. peripatetic33
    peripatetic33 at hot mail dot com
    I love Zoya because they don't do limited edition here today gone tomorrow can't get that color from us again promos. My favorite is Midori followed closely by Irene and Dea

  58. I follow with GFC. april

    Zoya has a huge range of unique colors! My current favorite is Zoya Gaia, but I also love Edyta & Faye.

    Thanks for all of the hard work that goes into your classy blog!


  59. Hi! I follow with GFC as katygmorris.

    I loooove Zoya because they last forever on me, have awesome colors and they are safe to use because they're natural and leave out all those yucky chemicals other companies use. Roxy is my favorite color.

    Thanks for the awesome giveaway!!! :)

    katygmorris at gmail dot com

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  61. Favorite Zoya? What a hard question to answer. I love Happi, Jem, Danii, Zara... It's really hard to choose!

    I love them because their colors are so pretty, their formula is awesome, and they don't use harsh chemicals.

    GFC: MidniteEcho75
    email: midniteecho75@gmail.com

  62. So far my favorite Zoya is Jem. Though I love all my Zoyas.

  63. GFC: donnamccrudden
    email: donnamccrudden (at) gmail (dot) com

    I love Zoya because they are 4-Free, love their customers, have excellent polishes with a formula that I think is exceptional, and are just one of the best polish brands around! It's hard to pick just one favorite color but Ki and her duochrome goodness is just plain awesome.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  64. My favorite Zoya is Caitlin. I really like the fact that they are a vegan formula, and the long lasting formula.


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