China Glaze Life Preserver + Icing After Party

Hey everyone!

I wish I had better lighting for you in my pictures today. One of my lamps busted and there is no daylight after 4pm in the winter where I live, so they aren't the best. Luckily, I got another lamp so better pictures are on the way! :)

Today's mani starts with China Glaze Life Preserver, a medium burnt orange creme. This is 3 coats, as the formula was on the thin side.

Then I added a coat of Icing After Party. I LOVE this polish! It has multi colored shards of glitter in a clear base. But this isn't the typical rainbow colors, it's a mix of purple, orange, gold, and aqua. It's a little tricky to get good placement and some of the pieces don't want to lay flat on the nail, but since I have nothing like it in my collection (for now, I have some more of this type of polish on the way), it's a keeper!

What do you guys think of this type of flake/glitter?

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  1. I luv it!!! I have After Party and wish they would make it in other colors of glitter, like all gold, all red etc. it is also unique in my stash!

  2. I started to like Life Preserve not that long ago...I really think the entire Anchors Away collection was super and so glad that CG finally saw fit to put them into their Classics collection wall and finally Sally's had them to sell - was lousy that Sally's never got that collection to sell this time last yr when it was released. All are now at Sally's from the collection except for Knotty - not sure why CG did not keep that one.

    I have really liked using Lighthouse (a great fun sparkly yellow) over Life Preserver. Lighthouse is among the RARE yellows I actually can wear when it comes to polish.

  3. Very interesting glitter! The combination looks nice ;D

  4. I love it! I actually just got After Party and am so excited to wear it! I adore the glitter shards and all the pretty colors! :)

  5. I saw After Party in the store and the flakes caught my eye, but I put it back because the mix of colors just wasn't for me.

  6. I love Life Preserver, it's so gorgeous.


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