Nubar Reclaim


Today's post is a quick swatch of a polish that I have been eyeing for a really long time! I had some ebay bucks to use so I figured why not? Nubar Reclaim is what I am talking about...a gorgeous grass green holo. This first pic is without flash. I love the glowy look it takes on.

But we all know a holo looks best in direct sunlight/with flash...so here is some of that too!

My husband pointed out that this is probably one of the cheapest linear holos out there (someone correct me if I am wrong). You can pay up to $60 for a bottle of OMG on eBay, but Reclaim is still available at $6-$7! Definitely get this if you don't already have it...it's soo worth it! :)
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  1. I should get it soon! yay!
    it's really beautiful!!

  2. I have Reclaim and I haven't worn it yet. Then I see pics like this and I wanna kick myself for not wearing it yet, lol. It's gorgeous! With March right around the corner, I'll have to finally wear it and maybe work it into a St. Patty's Day manicure.

  3. So pretty! I have yet to try any Nubar

  4. This is definitely one of my favorites! They need to release more linear holos for reasonable prices.

  5. Reclaim is one of my favorite polishes... and, bonus! I tried mattifying it out of curiosity (I was hoping for the same effect that you get with mattifying glitters). That killed all the holo, but it is the prettiest green without it. I may have to buy an extra bottle just so I don't feel guilty that I'm wasting it if I want to wear it mattified.


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