OPI Did It on 'Em + Lacquistry Valentine Shredded

Hey everyone! Just a quick post from me today...Dustin and I have LOTS of orders to fill for You Mix and we are really hoping to finish them tonight and have them sent tomorrow! :)

Here is 3 thin coats of OPI's Did It on 'Em from the Nicki Minaj collection. I liked this color more than I thought I was going to. But greens are oddly my favorite color to wear on my nails, even though it's not my favorite color in general. This shade reminds me of the green Wrigley's gum!

I topped this off with Valentine's Shredded from Lacquistry, a holo pink shard glitter. I do like this, but I wish the pieces were just a little bit smaller.

So there you have it! Have a great weekend and tomorrow I will be back with another black and white challenge post!
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  1. I'm wearing Did It On Em today, it is one of my favorite greens!

  2. wow it´s beautiful ;)


  3. That shredded valentine is awesome. Very interesting effect that I don't think I've seen before.

  4. That colour is amazingggggg! and I adore adore your blog! I haven't stopped looking through it for the past 2 days, its soo inspirational!

    Jazz xo


  5. I'm dying to get my hands on Lacquistry polishes! they look gorge!

  6. This looks amazing. I have that Nicki Minaj polish and that shredded pink looks amazing!

    Would love you to look at my nail blog as it seems that we have similar style and I would really like your expert opinion. x


  7. Love the combo, even if these two colours together are a bit strange, but it's original and I like it very much :)

  8. I'm loving these to colours together!


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