Zoya Ali+ Nostalgic Lacquer Riot

Hey hey! How' s everyone? For the record, I am SUPER jealous of any of you that are experiencing warm weather right now. No matter how many pairs of strappy sandals I buy, it's still not getting warmer where I live. I am ready for spring yesterday!  

So I think I have been wearing brighter colors because of that lately. And Zoya Ali is the perfect bright color!

Next I topped Ali with Nostalgic Lacquer's Riot. I love this glitter...it's very unique. I also put a coat of Sally Hansen Glass Slipper on, but it sort of got lost. The other thing I wanted to mention was that removal really wasn't that bad!

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  1. Don't be too jealous. Hot weather also means crazy humidity for those of us in Florida lol.

    And I love the two polishes together! :)

  2. Love the combo! Very tropical!

  3. I agree- bright colors are a great remedy for spring fever. They look super cute!

  4. I will send you our warm weather if you send us rain! We so need it on the central coast of CA. It's going to be serious water rationing rest of this year. We hardly had any cold and maybe 1/4 of the rain normal if even that. Really like this shade. I adore Glass Slipper. My first one was sent by a friend as I could not find it and silly USPS lost it! I found it finally and love it along with Diamond - a good one for no raised major snow effect as Glass Slipper gives. I never thing of putting anything on my few neons other than a few good coats of SV - I just love being 'blinded by the light' they create - esp the oranges and pinks like this one!

  5. hey! i love your blog so much I just gave you an award. See my post here...http://rocknpolish.blogspot.com/2012/03/blog-award.html

  6. I want our sunshine back! Last week it was 65 and sunny and this week it has been raining, snowing, windy as hell, and it has not gotten over 40 degrees. :-( I know what you mean about wearing brighter colors during the ick times. I have been doing the same thing! Am loving your combo!

  7. I love this Indie Brand!!!
    Thanks for swatching!


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