Kiss Nail Dress in Bodysuit

Hi lovely readers!

A few weeks ago I got box of items from Influenster to use and review. Obviously, these nail stickers from Kiss were what I was most excited about. These are pretty much the exact same as the Sally Hansen nail strips in terms of how they are applied. One box comes with enough to do a manicure and pedicure with a large array of sizes. I liked the ease of application as well as the no clean up/no mess factor. I also like the fact that it's instant nail art without have to do any effort.

I put these on the night before I took these pics. You can probably notice that there is some tip wear/shrinkage. I was disappointed that it happened so soon especially since I just put them on the night before and the only thing I did was sleep. I took these off after 2 days and the tip wear had progressed more. But I will say the removal was easy and convenient because I was able to peel them right off!

Have any of you had experience with these nail strips, or nail strips in general?
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  1. Your design is so much cuter than the one I got! It looks great!

  2. I have never tried them but I might. I think this design is really cute.

  3. I like the sally hansen ones a lot. I've been dying to try these but haven't found a design that I really love instock yet.


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