Milani Photo Flash + Stamping

Hey everybody!

Today was nothing but a typical Monday that I'm glad is winding down! 

This polish is from Milani and it's called Photo Flash. This polish comes from a small collection that has matching glossy lip pencils for each shade. Cute idea! Below is 2 coats. It's got a really pretty metallic shimmer/sparkle to it.

I call flowers "typical nail art" and rarely use them on my nails. But I think it's an easy design to fall back on when there is no more inspiration to be had (which has been me lately). So that's what I did! I got bored with this pretty fast, but it is a pretty manicure. There are just too many other fun possibilities out there to do flowers (in my opinion), but for me they are fun every once in a while. :P

Do you guys have a nail art design or a polish that is your go-to when nothing else is doing it for ya?
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  1. That is such a pretty color!

  2. I don't do stamping or nail art but that is a beautiful color and the flowers are cute!

  3. Love the color and the stamp looks great.

  4. What a pretty color! I love the sparkle!

  5. gorgeous! Am really loving this look!

  6. This is a great glitter and it looks really cool with the flowers.
    Stars are always doing it for me! :D

  7. Really a great shade! I wish we had Milani in my area - life in the boonies.

  8. Wow, that's such a pretty polish! I love the stamping too :]


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