KB Shimmer Proud Peacock

Good evening everyone!

I have a fun indie polish to show you guys today. This is my first KB Shimmer and it's called Proud Peacock. This is 2 coats over Sally Hansen Insta- Dri Blue Me Away. What's weird is that I LOVE how this looks in pics, but in person something felt off to me. I think it's the large black glitters. I feel like they throw off the color scheme of this polish. This is a super pretty polish but I decided it had a better home somewhere else because I probably wouldn't use it again. Speaking of a better home, have you checked out my blog sale? Because I really want to get rid of these bad boys! ;)

How about you? Have you ever had any fickle experiences with indie polishes like I had?
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  1. Bet it would have been pretty with purple hexes too! Either/or, I still think it's lovely :)

  2. Very pretty combo!! Love the glitters in Proud Peacock!

  3. Hmm, those big hexes are black? Yeah, I can see your point about those.


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