Zoya Kimmy + Color Club Orna-Minted

Hey there!

Today I have an easy 4th of July mani to show you. I hope to come up with a more exciting one with nail art for the actual day. 

This is Zoya Kimmy as the base. I haven't used this polish in a while, but I fell in love all over again! The bottle has lots of golden shimmer that sort of overtakes the red color which was a turn off for me, but once on the nail it was just a gorgeous metallic red! Sooo pretty. I layered Color Club Orna- Minted on top. I forgot how blingy this is in just one coat! 

I love doing holiday manis...can't wait to see what you guys come up with too! :)
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  1. What a glitter bomb! I love it!!

  2. i am constantly surprised when I see Orna-Minted and other VERY Xmas season polishes (least in my mind) are used through out the year. I put on a polish that looks like holiday at non holiday time and I can only think I look silly with my holiday shade on! What's with that? This (as well as many others) look great many times of the yr. One of my fav shades is one I certainly can wear year round - OPI's Dear Santa. I do get that one out a few times in the yr other than a holiday. I need to try more shades. for those who missed Orna-Minted - one that looks a lot like it (but not scented) is Essies Lux Effects in Set In Stones. It's very close.


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