OPI Just Spotted the Lizard + Nail Art

Hey guys!

I bought OPI Just Spotted the Lizard a WHILE ago and it took Dustin pretty much forcing me to put it on to finally wear it! haha I was judging it by the bottle and not the nail. :P It looks amazing once it's on! I didn't have the best wear time with this though...is that typical with duochromes? 

I saw this nail art idea on Pinterest (my favorite place for nail art inspiration). I have had this lacey stamp for a while and never knew how to use it until I saw it done diagonally and loved it! The overall effect is super delicate. 

Have you ever judged a polish before actually wearing it? I would love to know which ones! 
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  1. This is gorgeous. I judge colours all the time and am mostly amazed, especially cheap brands.

  2. Love this colour with black stamps, looks gorgeous!

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  4. Love The diagonal lace idea! This is so pretty.


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