Lush Lacquer Korny Candy + Nail Art

Hey everyone!

I have been saving up my Halloween nails to post once Halloween was a little closer and now I think I waited too long to post them once a day before Halloween! Life just gets crazy sometimes. So you may be seeing a few multiple posts a day from me for a bit. :)

It's no secret I'm a big indie polish fan and I have been loving what all these talented ladies are creating for Halloween (not to mention the upcoming holiday season!). Lush Lacquer has an awesome collection for Halloween and I am showing you Korny Candy from that. I also had Dustin do a candy corn accent finger!

I love having such a fun Halloween polish in my collection and will definitely use it in the coming years as well.

Do any of you own any of Lush Lacquer's Halloween collection?

I will have a few more to show you coming up soon!
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  1. Awesome combo of the indie polish and candy corn design!!! LOVE this mani!!!!!!!

  2. Very nice!!!!
    The glitter is.... amazing!!!!


  3. This is beautiful & sweet :) I like how the candy corn nail stands right out.

  4. Lovely glitter! Also the stripes are a nice contrast... Great swatches as always.


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