Skittles Nails to Match My Outfit!

Hey guys!

Did you all have a great weekend? :)

Sometimes when I know I have something coming up where I need to plan a little in advance what I should wear I try to match my polish to my outfit. As fun as this could be everyday, it's not practical! haha This was a maxi dress I wore to church and did my nails the night before to match.

A close up of the mani now! From pointer to pinky  here is what I used: China Glaze I'm Not Lion, OPI Did You 'ear About Van Gogh?, China Glaze Poinsettia with Sally Hansen White Veil.

Now that I think about it, I'm not sure why I didn't do stripes on my middle finger to match the dress! But I still liked how this one turned out and China Glaze I'm Not Lion is gorgeous...hands down my favorite color for a full coverage glitter (OPI Spark de Triomphe is similar also).

Do you ladies ever match your mani to your outfit?

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  1. I actually match my nails to my outfits! I'll choose the color scheme for the week and pull pieces from my closet and paint my nails to match or vice versa! People think I'm a little weird for doing that but it works for me! Cute mani!

  2. I do it the other way round. I try to match my clothes to my actual nail color.
    I really like your mani, but would love to see the stripes also, someday :)

  3. I love doing that! And the glitter on the red is gorgeous! Just this week I'm matching a navy blue mani to a super cute skirt!


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