Sonoma Nail Art: Here Lies Robert + Layering

Hey polish lovers!

More awesome Halloween indie polish today! I was lucky enough to snag a couple Sonoma Nail Art Halloween polishes a while back. I started with LCN Fanappleistic (weird name), 1 coat of Kleancolor Holo Green and then 1 coat of Here Lies Robert. I love how this turned out! And can I just say that the whole peel off base coat discovery is making me not so apprehensive to experiment with layering multiple glitters and I love the possibilities! 

A pic in direct sunlight to show of the holo glitter...love!

Check out the awesome label too!

So as far as I know, this isn't available anymore since it's seasonal. I hate to tease you guys like that! But definitely check out the Sonoma Nail Art Facebook page to stay updated because Michelle's polishes you don't want to miss out on!

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