Different Dimension Cuticle Balm Review

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I've got something a little different to show you today...some cuticle balm from Different Dimension! We all know that healthy, tidy cuticles make a big difference and these cuticle balms make that easy. 

I think my favorite thing about these is that they come in a twist up tube (similar to lip balm). I like the tube for the portability factor. I keep one of these in my purse and pull it out when I'm bored or whenever I happen to need it on the go and it's the perfect no-mess solution for moisturized cuticles.

As for the scented aspect of these, I am a fan! My favorite is Watermelon because I love fruity scents. This is actually my first time using a cuticle balm/cream that's nicely scented and not just generic. 

This cuticle balm probably isn't for someone with super dry and cracked cuticles, but it definitely gets the job done for moderate dryness and with regular use it's a great option! I also really like that the formula isn't greasy; so you aren't left with an excess of junk that you have to wipe off.

Different Dimension can be purchased on Etsy. And to be in the know on all things Different Dimension, like the Facebook page!
Have any of you tried these cuticle balms from Different Dimension?

*Product was sent for review in exchange for my honest opinions.
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