LCN Urban Expression Set Swatches

Good morning readers!

I've got a fall collection from LCN to show you today called Urban Expressions. LCN says this collection showcases the style of style capitals from around the globe. Let's take a look!

Just as a note, all of these just barely needed 2 coats. And I will be using LCN's descriptions of these shades because they are better than anything I can say. :P

New York Beat is described as a stormy gray- green. 

Paris Chic is a timeless nougat beige.

London Glam is a delicate rose-smoke.

Tokyo Expressions is a steely titanium gray.

So even though it wouldn't be very hard to find dupes of these polishes, the quality can't be beat in terms of formula. LCN does a great job making polish that is easy to work with and doesn't require too many coats.

The LCN Urban Expressions collection is currently available for purchase *here*. You also get a free Color Corrector Pen with your purchase of the set!

*Polish was sent for review in exchange for my honest opinions.

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