Sinful Colors Polar Opposites Magnetic Polish

Good afternoon ladies!

I've got a swatch of one of the semi-new Sinful Colors Magnetics for you today. I know these aren't anything new or exciting, but the shimmer in this one caught my eye. Also, the magnet that comes with this is a ring...I don't think I have seen that concept before.

See what I mean about the shimmer? Love.

My only problem with magnetics is that my nails are so curved the design is kinda tough to get to cover my whole nail. You can sort of see that on my pointer finger.

Do you like magnetics still, or are you over them?
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  1. Pretty pretty! When magnetic nail polish first came out I was OBSESSED! lol! Now though I usually wait till I see one that really catches my eye and this one it gorgeous :)

  2. So prettty!!! Where did you find this and how much was it?

  3. Oh that's so pretty! I need to get this, like now! lol

  4. Looks great. I've always loved the look of magnetic polishes, but I have NEVER been able to get them to work for me :(

  5. Nice post dear :)

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