Chirality Nail Polish Swatches and Review

Hello hello!

Today's post is featuring polish from Chirality, an indie brand. If you like holos, you will like Chirality!

Before we get to the holos though, you can't be an indie without having glitter! ;) Kidding! You can, but it's not common!

So first up is Engineers. This is one coat over Zoya Natty. I love the effect this has...kind of like a night sky.

And next is Suspiria. This is one coat over China Glaze Make Some Noise. Fun combo and I am loving the squares in this!

And now for the holos! As a note, all of these were 2 coats.

This is The Symbiote, an awesome black holo. Here it is in shade and the next photo shows direct sunlight.

I love teal, so Cu2+ is a favorite for me. Once again, shade and sunlight pics.

And finally, a pretty purple holo called Apollonia. Love the holo effect these have!

The best part about these holos? A full size bottle is only $7! Very affordable, which means you can stock up. ;) 

Have you purchased from Chirality before? Do you have any favorites from the ones I have shown you today?

You can find Chirality on Big Cartel *here* and on Facebook *here*. 

*Polish was sent for review in exchange for my honest opinions.
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