More Christmas Manis!

Hey everyone!

It's been a while for me! I took some time off this past week to celebrate the holidays with my family...but I am back now and ready to be back in the normal pattern of life again. :) I'm showing you some holiday looks I wore over the past week. Again, these photos aren't my best and I look forward to being able to truly focus on blogging again  and presenting you with the standard you know from me.

First is Crooked Star from Darling Diva. I layered this over China Glaze Running in Circles which is freaking awesome....everyone needs it!

Next is Tree-mendous from Lush Lacquer layered over Orly Fresh. Still got the broken pinky nail, unfortunately.

And finally, a little stamping! I don't do this enough anymore. This is such a fun look but my topcoat smeared it. :(

I will probably have another post like this to wrap up my holiday manis and then I will be back to what I do best, hopefully! 

Hope you all had a wonderful holiday!
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  1. The glitter polishes are great (and I agree, Running in Circles is full on amazeballs!) but the stamping is so awesome!!

  2. Gorgeous manis! I need Orly Fresh in my life.


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