My New Year's Mani!

Happy New Year to you all!

I hope you had a fun night ringing it in! I had so much fun coming up with what I would wear on my nails for New Year's Eve. I didn't use any untrieds and I didn't have to do any swatching- I just decided to enjoy what I already had in my stash. I don't do that enough...there are always so many enticing new polishes coming out but it was sort of refreshing. ;)

So I had probably 15 different polishes that I wanted to use but realized that wouldn't be very practical so I settled on 4. :) I knew I wanted a ton of bling, so I didn't hold back on the glitter! Not that I usually do anyway, but I was definitely glad for the peel off base coat for this one. haha I used the flash to bring the holo out...it's been a dark and dreary few days around my area so no sunlight, unfortunately.

What I used: Sinful Colors Black on Black, Layla Hologram in Flash Black, Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear In the Spotlight, and Essence Hello Holo. Dustin did some stamping with the Layla Holo but it's sort of subtle. I actually think it adds a fun detail to the overall look though.

I used a coat of Gelous before my normal topcoat and it smoothed this out perfectly, especially for how much glitter I had going on!

I don't normally go so crazy on the glitter and bling, but I have to say, I love it! I am such a typical girl. ;)

What are your thoughts on this mani? Perfect for NYE or too much glitter?
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  1. I love the black with the glitter, perfect for New Years! Your ring finger and thumb look like confetti falling!

  2. Gorgeous and sparkly! Perfect for New Years!

  3. Great manicure! Happy new year

  4. Really pretty.. Definitely not to much glitter :) Happy new year!


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