Pure Ice Femme Fatale + Subtle Nail Art

Hi polish lovers!

I'm sure you all heard the buzz about the LE Pure Ice polishes a while back? I picked up a few at my Walmart that had a display (pretty much the only reason I would ever go into a Walmart haha). I mostly went for the suede finish ones. I think they marketed them as velvet...but it's pretty much the same thing. ;) The one I have for you today is called Femme Fatale and it's a beautiful emerald green. The formula was super easy to work with given the finish. 

And because I had been wanting to try using a topcoat over a matte finish to make nail art, I kept it super simple and used a dotting tool to make some dots with my topcoat.

I definitely want to experiment more with that nail art technique...I have seen some cool stuff out there using it.

Did you go crazy for the LE Pure Ice polishes? 
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  1. Very cool! I've been meaning to do a matte/shiny look with topcoat too! That color is gorgeous :)

  2. super cute! the top coat reminds me of like a dragons back or something idk!

  3. I love it! I've always been curious about that brand but have been to nervous to give it a try. I'll have to go out and buy this color.


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