A Holo Half Moon

I found the LA Girl 3D Effects holos at Rite Aid a while back and picked up a few. Even if these aren't linear in finish, I love 'em anyway! The collection dupes last year's holiday Zoya holos (Aurora, Storm, Blaze). In fact, there are dupes for those 3 in the LA Girl collection, plus more! 

This half moon mani is done using China Glaze Sexagon and LA Girl Brilliant Blue. 

I love how this turned out! I wore this for maybe 4 days and had no wear, which is worth mentioning since holos can sometimes chip quickly.

Are you eyeing any of the LA Girl 3D Effects? At half the price of Zoya, they are definitely worth it!
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  1. I have yet to have ever seen these at my Rite Aid! I love the half moon look and the pairing that you chose! Very pretty!

  2. Wow, 4 days? My holo's usually last about 12 hours, haha :)

  3. Oooooo very pretty! The blue and silver look great together and then throw in holo, well!

  4. Love what you did with these colors! I picked up the blue and the "coral" (orange), and really want to pick up the pink one. At least I think it's pink. Not the one that looks like Zoya Blaze, but the other one....maybe its a raspberry color. I don't remember! lol

  5. Great half moon manicure! Its so sparkly :)

  6. So sparkly and awesome. I keep seeing these La Girl polishes on blogs but have yet to find them where I live.


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