Zoya Natty + Maya Cosmetics Commotion

I love a glitter gradient...definitely an easy way to dress up a mani. This is Zoya Natty, the perfect navy blue, with Maya Cosmetics Commotion used to make the gradient. I like the effect the square glitters add to this polish.

If you haven't checked out the Maya Cosmetics shop before, you definitely should! It's a cute site and it can be found *here*.
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  1. Oh! So pretty :D I gotta try out a glitter gradient now!

  2. Gorgeous polishes! I love the glitter gradient.

  3. Wow, that glitter is gorgeous, and I love what you did with it!

  4. such a pretty gradient! I love the mix of glitters in this polish, and I'm a total sucker for square glitter!

  5. This pairing is so gorgeous! Definitely am gonna go check out the Maya website!


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