Bondi New York - Blue Skies

Just a quick swatch today!

I got the chance to try out a polish from Bondi New York, which seems to be a relatively new polish brand. I chose Blue Skies, a dusty blue with a hint of periwinkle. I was very impressed with the formula. We all know that pastel shades can be streaky and difficult to apply, but my swatch is only 1 coat! Super impressive!

I am intrigued by what else Bondi New York has to offer based off of the awesome formula for a pastel creme. They come a bit steep at $12.50/bottle (some are currently on sale), but if you get this kind of quality, it seems to be worth it!

You can find Bondi New York *here* and follow them on Twitter and Facebook to stay in the loop!

*Polish was sent free of charge for review purposes. 
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  1. Awesome to hear it was a one coater! Its such a pretty shade too :)

  2. I will keep an eye out for this brand. Great to hear it is a one coater. Its a lovely color. Thanks for the swatch.


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