China Glaze Don't Be a Luna-tic + Some Housekeeping


I have some swatch pics of Don't Be a Luna-tic from the recent China Glaze Hologram collection to show you today. Since I own the OMG collection, this is the only one I picked up but I could go for a few more after trying this one out! In the bottle, these don't look like much. Even on the nail swatches on the display they didn't look very interesting. Once on the nail, however, it comes alive!

This is what Don't Be a Luna-tic looks like most of the time. A metallic-y finish with a visible rainbow. This photo doesn't fully capture that.

In direct sunlight, or when hit with the camera flash, check out what happens! 

I enjoyed wearing this more than I thought I would...can't go wrong with a good holo!

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Have a good day!

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