LA Girl 3D Holographic Dazzling Pink

Hey readers!

Today's mani is sort of a palette cleanser. I don't usually wear just one polish and call it good, but that was what I was in the mood for! This is Dazzling Pink from the recent LA Girl 3D Effects collection. There is nothing not to like about this gorgeous shade of holo pink!

Have you picked any polishes up from this collection? I highly recommend any of them!
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  1. Wow...very pretty! It's unlike anything I've seen as far as the color goes.

  2. Lovely! Always love anything with holo in it :)

  3. super pretty! i have the dark blue from this collection but this one may come home with me, too. :)

    the painted ninja

  4. Very pretty! Makes me think of Holographic Strawberries! ♥

  5. It's so pretty! I've got a bunch of these on my wish list :)


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